Bali Buda Ubud

Image of Bali Buda restaurant sign

Bali Buda Ubud:

  • Falafel & Aubergine Wrap + Delicious Hot Oatmeal
  • Price: 34k + 23k ( +10% tax + 5% service charge)
  • Score: 6/10
  • January 19th, 2017

Bali Buda is a ‘whole food’ cafe located right across the street from one of the main Yoga Studios here, Radiantly Alive. This makes it a popular choice with the yogi’s.

I came to meet my friend after her double-session of yoga classes. Being hungry and sweaty she didn’t want to walk far. So Bali Buda it was.

Bali Buda isn’t strictly a vegetarian or vegan restaurant. I’ve included it here as the menu is so extensive. There are many vegetarian choices. You will find chicken on the menu though – and yes, it is chicken, not vegan ‘chicken’.


The menu at Bali Buda has so many options. In my opinion, Breakfast definitely seems the best of all. We went around lunchtime so I opted for their ‘Falafel & Aubergine Wrap’ from the lunchtime menu. My friend went for the Bali Bunda Bowl (48k).

Image of Bali Bunda Bowl and Falafel and Aubergine Red Rice Wrap
Bali Bunda Bowl and Falafel and Aubergine Red Rice Wrap

Honestly, the falafel wrap was ridiculous. It was really small and had barely any filling inside. I’m not sure there was even one whole falafel between the two pieces, let alone much aubergine. There was a little side salad and some cucumber inside.

You can choose a choice of red rice, brown rice or nori for the wrap. I asked the server which the best was, and she strongly suggested the red rice wrap. That was impressive, it tasted pretty good. As a side dish this could be nice, but as a lunchtime main it was massively underwhelming. I wouldn’t get it again.

Image of red rice wrap with falafel and aubergine and side salad
Red Rice Wrap with Falafel, Aubergine, Cucumber and Organic salad

The Bali Bunda bowl is a mix of beetroot, carrots, bean sprouts, tomatoes, cucumber, sunflower & pumpkin seeds, organic garden greens served with homemade coconut crackers. As far as Rez commented, it was a nutritious salad but also not very filling.

The best part may have been the salad dressings. I added a creamy pesto dressing to my wrap. Rez added some sort of raspberry vinaigrette and spirulina flakes to her salad, which she loved. There were a few more dressings that we didn’t taste.

Image of Salad dressings tray with pesto, spirulina flakes and raspberry vinaigrette
Salad dressings tray: Spirulina flakes, Pesto and Raspberry Vinaigrette

Take 2:

Both of us, still being hungry, took a second look at the menu. The breakfast options seemed to be the most appealing. Rez went for a Paleo breakfast (non-vegetarian) and I chose the ‘Delicious Hot Oatmeal’.

Image of hot oats with fresh coconut milk, shredded coconut, dates and kenari nut topping
Hot Oats with shredded coconut, dates and kenari nut topping, and a side of fresh coconut milk and palm sugar

The oats were actually one of my favourite meals I’ve had here in Ubud. That might be because it’s one of my favourite comfort foods.

The oats came with a date, coconut and kenari nut topping. And a bamboo leaf container of fresh coconut milk and palm sugar to the side. As simple as it was, the dish was warm, filling and really very tasty. This is one of the best value dishes I’ve had here. At just 23k it was very cheap in comparison to everything else.

Atmosphere and Wifi:

Bali Buda doesn’t have wifi, but they do say you’ll find a ‘better connection’, which I find incredibly pretentious! So mostly it’s not an option for working there.

That said, Rez and I both had writing work to do that didn’t require any wifi so we sat in Bali Buda for an hour or two. It wasn’t very busy whilst we were there and I quite liked the environment. There were plenty of tables suitable for working at.

Image of tables inside Bali Buda, Ubud
Seating area inside Bali Buda

One of the not-so-great aspects is that they charge 2000 rupiah per glass of water, and you can’t bring in food or drink from outside. So again, not very conducive to a working environment.

Rasayana Retreat Bangkok

Image of rasayana retreat raw food cafe sign bangkok

Rasayana Retreat Bangkok:

  • Spring Rolls + Thai Kale Coleslaw + Hawaiian Pizza
  • Price: 180b + 190b + 220b (+10% service charge)
  • Score: 8/10
  • February 16th, 2017

After a month of vegan food heaven in Bali, it was back to Bangkok. Losing the luxury of having vegan food at every corner, we scoped out Rasayana Retreat, raw food cafe.


Rasayana Retreat raw food cafe has an extensive vegan menu. Raw pasta, raw versions of Thai dishes and their most highly recommended – raw pizza. As it is a raw cafe, everything on the menu is vegan as you may have guessed. No meat or dairy to be found here.

It was a difficult choice of what to go for, but after quite some time my friend and I chose a few dishes. The Spring Rolls were made from cabbage leaves and stuffed with a nut pate and homemade sweet and sour sauce.

Spring Rolls: Beautifully rolled cabbage leaves stuffed with savoury nut pate. Topped with homemade sweet and sour sauce and salad
Spring Rolls: Beautifully rolled cabbage leaves stuffed with savoury nut pate. Topped with homemade sweet and sour sauce and salad

The Thai Kale Coleslaw was my absolute favourite. It tasted so light and healthy yet was satisfying too. Made from shredded kale, carrot, cabbage, onion, raisin, sesame seeds and avocado tossed in a homemade honey miso dressing. I could have eaten ten of these it was so good.

Thai Kale Coleslaw with shredded kale at rasayana retreat raw food cafe bangkok
Thai Kale Salad: Shredded kale, carrot, cabbage, onion, raisin, sesame seeds and avocado with homemade honey miso dressing.

I had such a hard time deciding between the pizzas for a main. The mushroom burger and mushroom marinara pizza looked incredible, but we went for the Hawaiian pizza.

Raw Hawaiian pizza at rasayana retreat raw food cafe bangkok
Hawaiian Pizza: A base of sprouted sunflower seeds, macadamia and cashew nuts topped with marinated veggies, red onion and Thai pineapple

Sprouted sunflower seeds, macadamia and cashew nuts made up the super tasty pizza base. Topped with marinated veggies, red onion and zesty Thai pineapple.

I can’t express just how good all of this food was. After such good starters I was struggling to get through all of the pizza. The crust was really filling, but not too heavy as sometimes can be the case with raw pizza.


Despite being stuffed to the brim, a little later Rez and I found room for dessert. It just looked too good to pass up on. And Rez was leaving Bangkok so it had to be done.

Again, all of the cakes look really incredible but the clear stand out from the crowd had to be the banoffee pie.

Banoffee pie at rasayana retreat raw food cafe bangkok
Banoffee Pie to die for!

rasayana-bangkok - 20

Luckily, it was stuffed mainly with banana so that makes it healthy, right?

Banoffee pie was to die for. And with that, we couldn’t move for the next hour.


Rasayana raw food cafe is a cute add-on to the outside of Rasayana retreat centre. Here they offer massages and treatments of all sorts, and the restaurant is attached to the side.

It’s only a small area, but is by no means an ‘add-on’ in terms of quality. Both the retreat centre and the raw food cafe receive raving reviews all the time.

It’s a laid back setting with just a few tables and chairs, some benches and cushions. It has a very intimate feel to it, and when Rez and I ate there we were the only people there.

Cute seats in a relaxed atmosphere in Rasayana raw food cafe, part of Rasayana retreat.
Cute seats in a relaxed atmosphere in Rasayana raw food cafe, part of Rasayana retreat.
Small tables and chairs at rasayana retreat raw food cafe and cake display
Small tables and chairs, with the incredible cake display at the back, make sure to leave room for cake!


Wifi is available here but it wasn’t working at all the evening we visited.

Final Thoughts

Incredible food and really reasonable prices. I can’t wait to go back. Even if just for another Kale Salad, or raw cake – I still can’t decide which was best. Regardless, it is a must visit for vegan food when in Bangkok.

Made’s Warung Ubud

Image of sign pointing to Made's Warung restaurant

Mades Warung Ubud:

  • Spring Rolls with Peanut Sauce + Nasi Campur
  • Price: 17.5k + 31.5k (+ 10% tax)
  • Score: 6/10
  • January 31st, 2017

Mades Warung is a vegetarian friendly restaurant in Penestanan. The menu is mostly traditional Indonesian rice dishes, Pan-Asian dishes, noodle dishes, soups, stir frys and curries. There’s also a breakfast menu with eggs, pancakes and jaffles. The veggie menu is extensive and the prices are really reasonable.


As a starter I had vegetarian spring rolls with peanut sauce.

Image of 3 spring rolls with a bowl of peanut sauce
Vegetarian Spring Rolls and Peanut Sauce

The spring rolls were deep fried and pretty greasy. The filling was okay; mostly beansprouts with a few other veggies in there. The peanut sauce was incredible though. Again, it was pretty heavy but very tasty. If you’re looking for heavy, comfort food, this is it!

I’ve been meaning to try the traditional dish, Nasi Campur for a while, but I wanted to do so in a local restaurant as opposed to a touristy place. So here I ordered the vegetarian Nasi Campur.

Image of rice, tempeh, tofu, peanut sauce, veggies, nasi campur dish
Nasi Campur: Tempeh skewers in peanut sauce, tempeh/tofu stirfry, veggies, peanuts and crackers.  (*NOTE: Those crackers might not shrimpy!)

Nasi Campur is a simply a plate of rice, with a number of options around the edge. In some places you can select your options, but here I think it’s simply what they have to hand that day. It usually includes tofu, tempeh and veggies.

As you can see in the photo, they gave me prawn crackers, which shouldn’t be part of the veggie nasi campur. There’s also a few tempeh skewers covered in peanut sauce. Again, the peanut sauce is pretty amazing, and I was impressed with the amount of tempeh on the plate. There was more tempeh in the veggie stir fry at the top left, and bottom right.

Veggies on the top right were really tasty. It was a simple mix of bean sprouts, water spinach and some other greens.


The seating inside the restaurant is outdoors and feels very romantic. There are a few separate seating areas, so it can feel very private.

Image of table and chairs at made's warung
Restaurant seating at Made’s Warung

Overall, the dish was both tasty and filling. And at just 31,500 rph I was excited to visit again.

Unfortunately, there was a problem when it came to paying the bill. My friend’s mum accidentally paid with 100,000 rph notes, instead of 10,000 notes, and the staff took advantage of this mistake. Instead of paying 32000 for her meal, she paid 332,000.

Luckily I noticed, and went back to speak to the owner who had charged her. She feigned confusion but gave the money back without challenge.

If it wasn’t for this incident, Made’s Warung would have rated a lot higher, but clearly this dishonesty is off putting.

From what I have seen and experienced, short changing is a common practice here in Ubud. It’s happened to my friend many times as I’ve been with her, in all sorts of different places, from the laundry service to Starbucks. Make sure you always check your change.

The Elephant Ubud

Image of a blackboard with an elephant image, reading Welcome to the Elephant

The Elephant Ubud:

  • White Tiger Salad + Kombucha
  • Price: 65k + 55k
  • Score: 6/10
  • January 22nd, 2017

Next on my tour of fancy restaurants in Ubud was The Elephant. This is another upscale restaurant which focuses on being environmentally aware and ethical. All of their food is vegetarian with both vegan and gluten free options.

The Food:

The Elephant have a range of mains such as polenta, spaghetti, gnocci, pad thai, and noodle soups. They also have a selection of salads as well as entrees, sides and desserts.

The Salad menu looked most appealing. I went for a White Tiger Salad with greens, roast pumpkin, sesame, carrot, tempeh, pickled ginger, edamame, nori and cucumber, for 65k. (Their website currently says 55k but the prices must have increased and not been updated online.) The Elephant is one of the places that doesn’t add the government tax or service charge at the end. It seems the government tax (10%) is included in the menu pricing, which actually makes this place a little better priced than some of the other fancy restaurants.  

Image of White Tiger Salad at The Elephant Restaurant, ubud
White Tiger Salad with greens, roast pumpkin, sesame, carrot, tempeh, pickled ginger, edamame, nori and cucumber

I enjoyed the salad and found it had a lot more taste to others I’ve had in Ubud, probably thanks to the pickled ginger. With the roasted pumpkin it felt more substantial. The tempeh was tasty but there wasn’t so much of it, just a few thin slices. The dressing was a bit too oily for my liking so I used it very lightly. The White Tiger Salad came with a ginger/lime dressing.

We also opted for a bottle of Kombucha which was 55k for 650ml, enough to get two glasses from. The ginger kombucha had a good kick to it and was my favourite. The roselle was a more gentle taste. Both were good but not the best Kombucha we’ve had in Ubud.

The atmosphere at The Elephant Restaurant was typical of a fancy restaurant, relaxed yet not too hippie-chill style. There were a number of people there when we arrived but it still remained quiet and peaceful.

Image of seating area inside the Elephant restaurant
Indoor Seating Area at The Elephant Restaurant

Atmosphere and Wifi:

The Elephant has an incredible view over the Tjampuhan Ridge in Bali, which is a beautiful highlight of this place. It does mean that the two sofas in the corners are regarded as the ‘best seats in the house’ and to sit there a 1 hour time limit applies, unless you spend at least 200k rupiah per hour. This felt a little unwelcoming but actually, I think that may apply more in high season. My friend and I sat in one of these corner spots, probably for a little over an hour and we weren’t asked to purchase anything more. By that time it had gotten a lot quieter though.

Image of the view from The Elephant on a rainy, cloudy day
The view over Tjampuhan Ridge, not so clear on a rainy day

The staff and service at The Elephant was one of the highlights of eating there. Our server was incredibly smiley and happy. In fact, all of the staff there were very welcoming and friendly.
The day we went our server told us the wifi signal wasn’t very good. I’m starting to expect little from most places in terms of wifi. It seems to be a given that places don’t have a very strong signal. This wouldn’t be a place I would recommend to sit and work at. I’m not sure it woud be welcomed.

Tj’s Warung Ubud

Image of large window at Tj's Warung with the menu printed on itTj’s Warung Ubud:

  • Vegetarian Curry (with rice)
  • Price: 20k
  • Score: 6/10
  • January 27th, 2017

Tj’s Warung Ubud is a great place to eat if you’re on a budget.

They have a separate vegetarian menu written on a chalkboard outside the restaurant, with items such as the traditional Gado Gado (veggies/tofu/tempeh and peanut sauce), Nasi Goreng (veggie fried noodles), Cap Cay (steamed veggies), spring rolls and tempeh/tofu.

Image of chalkboard with vegetarian menu options written on it
Vegetarian Menu at Tj’s Warung

Most items are just 20k rph which is easily the cheapest place I’ve come across.

The Food:

I decided to give the Vegetarian Curry a try. There’s no real description as to what it contains but it was full of veggies at least. When I asked they told me it had veggies and coconut milk but I couldn’t taste much coconut milk in it.  


Image of vegetarian curry with tofu, carrot, broccoli, tempeh, green beans and steamed rice
Vegetarian Curry and rice; Tempeh, tofu, green beans, potato, carrot, broccoli

The curry contained tempeh, tofu, carrot, green beans, potato, cauliflower and some broccoli, and came with a plate of steamed rice. You can’t knock it for the price.

That said, I did find it a bit oily, and I don’t think I’d like to eat here every day. But when it’s chucking it down with rain and I have this place at the bottom of my street, it’s the perfect solution. Cheap and easy.

I have eaten here on other rainy days, and tried the Gado gado, and Cap Cay. The Gado Gado is my favourite by far, and only 15k. It’s a plate of veggies, tofu and tempeh with a bowl of peanut sauce in the middle. The peanut sauce is really tasty and there’s a decent portion of tempeh too.

I didn’t enjoy the Cap Cay. Again there were loads of veggies but whatever it was cooked in was pretty oily and not very tasty.

Tj’s also have some pretty cheap drinks. Fresh young coconut is just 10k, and freshly squeezed juice is also 10k, but as is to be expected, it’s only a little bit of fruit blended with lots of ice and water.

Tj’s Warung Ubud is located right around the corner from Cafe Vespa. The restaurant is pretty comfortable with tables and chairs, and a few sofa/benches. It’s very bright and light inside, if just a little sterile. There is wifi here, but like everywhere else, it’s reliably unreliable.


Image of tables and chairs inside tj's warung
Plenty of seating inside Tj’s including some comfy bench seats

Tj’s Warung is open from 8am until 10pm. The staff are lovely and their English is really good too.


Cafe Vespa Ubud

Image of chalkboard with menu options at Cafe Vespa, Ubud

Cafe Vespa Ubud

  • Vegetable Stack
  • Price: 49k (+ 10% tax + 5% service charge)
  • Score: 2/10
  • February 3rd, 2017

Cafe Vespa Ubud is an eclectic little cafe in Penestanan. They boast incredible food and great coffee. This was not my experience of it.


Cafe Vespa have a number of vegetarian options, and some vegan. (There are more vegetarian and vegan options on the menu, than on the specials board pictured above).

I’d been recommended to try the ‘Vegetable Stack’. I’d seen this served a few days prior and it looked pretty immense. A huge stack of cooked veggies. Doesn’t get much better than that. (I ordered mine without the parmesan sprinkling on top).

Image of Vegetable stack at Cafe Vespa
Vegetable Stack – a massive disappointment at Cafe Vespa

So, I struggled to take an attractive-looking photograph of it. It does look more impressive and appetising than the photo suggests. That is where the good stuff ends though.

The veggies were incredibly oily and greasy. They were also luke-warm, which I pointed out to my friend who had ordered the same. We heard the ‘ding’ of a microwave and out came her Vegetable Stack too. Again, greasy, oily and luke-warm.

Clearly we suspected that the veggies had been cooked earlier and reheated in the microwave. Hoping that wasn’t the case, I asked the server if they used the microwave, to which he looked a little worried and said ‘Yes’.

For a Cafe that prides themselves on high quality food, and high prices, this is really disappointing. I won’t be going back to eat there, and I don’t recommend it. To me it seems like another pretentious cafe that serves poor quality at high prices.

They also have cashew milk on the menu for vegan coffee. Yet every morning I’ve asked, they have been ‘out’ of cashew milk. (It’s also an extra 12k rph on top of a 25k coffee, making it about the same price as a full meal once tax is added).


Cafe Vespa does have some cool seating, and is a pretty colourful cafe.

It’s usually really busy, with people eating or working at their laptops. It isn’t a place I would personally hang out for a few hours.

To me it’s a little too busy, and with the open kitchen, there’s too much noise and distraction going on.

It has been okay in the evening to meet a friend for a (non-alcoholic) drink. The furniture isn’t the most comfortable though.


The Wifi seems pretty good at Cafe Vespa. There are signs around the place that say no Skype or video-calling as it slows everyone down, which is understandable.

Image of colourful seating inside Cafe Vespa, Ubud



Dayu’s Warung Ubud

Image of restaurant sign Dayu's warung hanging outside

Dayu’s Warung Ubud:

  • Quinoa Salad + Sweet Potato Tempeh Burger
  • Price: 35k + 45k (+10% tax)
  • Score: 5/10
  • January 24th, 2017

Dayu’s Warung is in the centre of Ubud, down a quiet side street, away from the main road.

The evening we arrived they were experiencing a power cut which reduced our options for food. The Quinoa salad was still available, so my friend and I both went for that.

Image of salad bowl with quinoa, avocado, carrot, cucumber and lettuce
Quinoa Veggie Tempeh Salad: greens, avocado, cucumber, jicama, fried tempeh, carrot, quinoa w/basil dressing

The Food

‘Quinoa Veggie’s Tempeh Salad: green, avocado, cucumber, jicama, fried tempeh, carrot, quinoa w/basil dressing.’

It sounded great but the reality wasn’t quite so. The salad was mostly a bed of lettuce, soaked in an oily dressing with a few pieces of cucumber, and carrot on top. The tempeh was almost non-existent. We had to dig to find a few tiny pieces. The avocado was a bit better and there was at least some quinoa.

Image of salad bowl with quinoa, salad, carrot, avocado
A little bit of salad in a large bowl

That said, the dressing tasted really good. The salad was really tasty, but no way filling enough for a main meal. Again, we went back to the menu.

Rez picked another similar salad, and I went for the Sweet Potato Tempeh Burger. Sweet potato patties, tempeh, side w/ sweet corn pumpkin curry, mixed salad and gomasio lime dressing.

Image of sweet potato pattie with pumpkin lentil curry and side salad
Sweet Potato Tempeh Burger: Sweet Potato pattie, tempeh, pumpkin curry, side salad with lime dressing

This time, the meal was incredibly heavy. The sweet potato burger was very dense, and very bland. There really wasn’t much flavour to it at all. There was a large piece of tempeh in the middle and some sort of salsa on top. Neither of these managed to add much flavour though.  

The curry was pumpkin and lentils and didn’t really complement the burger. It all seemed a bit ‘slapped together’. As you can probably see, it’s not a very appealing looking dish either. The lime dressing on the salad was good though.

Overall the food was reasonably priced and I’m willing to believe the power cut may have played a role in the substandard food. They also have cookies and vegan cakes which look like heaven. That’s enough for me to go back and give it a second try. 

Image of baked vegan goods and cakes on shelves at Dayu's warung.
Cookies, baked goods and cakes that look incredible inside the fridges.

Atmosphere and Wifi

The atmosphere and seating inside the restaurant was worth going for. The electricity, and wifi came back on towards the end of our meal. The wifi signal was one of the strongest out of most restaurants so far.

Image of upstairs seating, tables, chairs and floor cushions at Dayu's warung
Upstairs seating: tables and chairs or floor cushions and low tables to sit at


Atman Kafe Ubud

Image of Atman kafe ubud restaurant sign

Atman Kafe Ubud:

  • Soba Noodle Salad + Vegan Pizza
  • Price: 52k + 78k (tax included)
  • Score: 5/10
  • February 9th, 2017

Atman Kafe has 2 different locations on Jalan Hanoman.  There is Atman Nourish Kafe which serves only vegan and vegetarian food and then  Atman Kafe serves meat dishes, but you can still order vegan dishes from their menu.  The menu is almost overwhelming as there are so many options.  There’s definitely potential for decision paralysis in this place.



I ordered the Soba noodle salad. My friend Rez opted for the vegan tempeh scramble. We had to wait a little while for our food and when it did come we were both disappointed with the portion size. For 52k idr, we thought we were ordering a main meal. It turned out that we’d need to order something else too.

Image of soba noodle salad at atman kafe ubud
Soba Noodle Salad – a very small, shallow bowl at Atman Kafe

The soba noodle salad was tasty. A Japanese noodle salad with shredded nori, sesame oil, seeds, spring onions, and a tamari, soy sauce & mirin dressing, with wasabi on the side. If it wasn’t for the price and small portion I would definitely have eaten this again.

We were still pretty hungry afterwards so we decided to split the Vegan Pizza.

Image of Vegan Pizza at Atman Kafe ubud
Vegan Pizza with a red rice base at Atman Kafe.

By this point it was almost too dark in Atman Kafe to see what we were eating which is why the pic above is a bit dark.

We chose the regular, 30cm pan size to split between us. All pizza’s can be made vegan, but the ‘vegan pizza’ option on the menu sounded the best anyway:

“Tomato sauce base with capsicum, spinach, onion, herbs, mushrooms, tomatoes, kalamata olives & garlic, topped with nut-free basil pesto & vegan parmesan.”

The Vegan Pizza as standard comes on a cashew-nut base. We didn’t realise this and chose a red rice base, which cost an extra 5k idr.

The pizza was really good. There was definitely enough to share between two and, after our ‘starters’ feel full. My only complaint may be a distinct lack of kalamata olives. Aside from that, it was devoured.


Atman Kafe is certainly designed for style over comfort. Which makes this place a beautiful setting. Certainly worth visiting for the fabulous view over the rice fields from the open-ended restaurant.

The low lighting makes for an ambient, romantic setting. Especially if you go around sunset and watch the view change before your eyes.

Image of night view from Atman Kafe ubud
The view at night from the open-ended Atman Kafe. It certainly adds a lot to the atmosphere.


The wifi was pretty terrible. Slow, or no connection at all.

This also would not be great place to work at. If you stay too long you might find your body going numb. The seats aren’t very comfortable.

If you don’t want to sit at a table there are floor seating options around the sides of the room. These may be marginally more comfortable but lack the view at the bottom of the restaurant.

Image of floor and table seating at Atman Kafe ubud
Floor seating and tables at Atman Kafe, though both pretty uncomfortable which seems to be the norm in Ubud.

Water isn’t free either so if you do go for a while, taking some with you isn’t a bad idea.

Final Thoughts

Overall we were disappointed with Atman Kafe. Though the food was good and the vegan options were extensive, but the portions were small and the prices were inflated. The redeeming factor was certainly the view and ambience.

Seeds of Life Ubud

Image of Seeds of Life Raw food cafe logo and address

Seeds of Life Ubud:

  • SOL Bowl + Banana Dharma Smoothie
  • Price: 65k + 35k (+10% tax +5% service charge)
  • Score: 9/10
  • January 25th, 2017

The food at Seeds of Life Ubud was incredible.  I had my reservations about this place; yet another pretentious raw food cafe. But actually, the portion sizes were great and the prices were reasonable.  I wanted to give them a 10/10, but the smoothie was such a crappy rip-off that I had to drop it a point.

On recommendation, I opted for the ‘SOL Bowl’ – it has a little bit of everything in it.

Image of wooden bowl with wooden chopsticks, filled with raw vegan ingredients
SOL Bowl: My favourite meal in Ubud so far.

The menu for the Seeds of Life bowl read:

“Marinated zucchini noodles, organic fresh moringa & garden greens, marinated olives, nori paper, kimchi, sauerkraut, fresh spirulina, ‘tempe’, coconut jerky, hummus, spirulina gomashio, tomato & cucumber and a surprise topping of the day.”

Despite there being lots of other tempting options on the menu, such as the Mexican Lasagna and Vege Wrap, the SOL Bowl seemed an outright winner.

Served in a beautiful wooden bowl, it was full to the brim with delicious, nutritious ingredients. I enjoyed all of it. The hummus was delicious, the coconut jerky was really good, the marinated olives were divine… I could go on.

Hands down my favourite meal in Ubud so far. I think it will be hard to beat.

The smoothie wasn’t so great. I chose the ‘Banana Dharma’ – banana, maca, almond butter, coconut milk, sea salt, irish moss. It tasted like a watered down banana smoothie. I couldn’t taste any almond butter at all. It was really bland and a big disappointment.  It wasn’t thick at all and the 5lb massive straw is annoying as hell.

Image of large glass with smoothie
Banana Dharma – An unsatisfying smoothie

My friend went for the ‘Shangri-La’ Smoothie. It was a blend of jackfruit, mesquite, cinnamon, fresh coconut milk, sea salt and irish moss. It had more flavour than my smoothie, but she said it became rather sickly by the end.

We sat upstairs at Seeds of Life, which was a little quieter and consisted of floor seating around low tables. Downstairs seemed less of a relaxed environment with people coming and going. 

The wifi worked well but given I went at dinner time, the place was busy. If it’s quieter during the day then this would be a great place to work.

The staff were friendly and attentive. Our meals all arrived in quick succession of each other, which was nice to all eat at the same time. In fact, somewhat rare here I’ve found. So this is another thumbs up for Seeds of Life cafe.


Lala & Lili Warung Ubud

Image of Lala & Lili Warung restaurant sign in ubud

Lala & Lili Warung Ubud:

  • Garden Salad + Tempeh Goreng
  • Price: 35k + 25k (+10% tax)
  • Score: 8/10
  • February 14th, 2017

I’ve walked past Lala & Lili Warung so many times yet, have only just eaten there, on my last day in Ubud.


Lala & Lili Warung serves breakfast, salads, and Indonesian foods. It is a vegetarian friendly restaurant, so does serve meat options too. The menu is pretty balanced between vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.

In the middle of a crazy hot day I chose the garden salad, and tempeh to add to it.

Image of plate with tempeh and a plate of salad at Lala & Lili Warung Ubud
Garden salad: lettuce, tomato, avocado, cucumber, carrot, onion, bean sprouts, pineapple, green pepper and tempeh goreng at Lala & Lili Warung

I thought the tempeh would just be a small topping, but the portion size was huge. There was so much tempeh it could have been a meal on its own – albeit a bit bland. But I could have easily shared it between two.

The salad came with lettuce, avocado, tomato, carrot, bean sprouts, onion and cucumber, with fresh herbs on top. I’m not sure exactly what the dressing was (it doesn’t state on the menu), but it tasted like oil and lemon. It was good.

I loaded up my salad with the tempeh. I was glad to have ordered that with it, as I think I’d have still been a little hungry afterwards, if not.

Lala & Lili Warung also have raw cakes and organic Balinese chocolate, as well as smoothies and healthy juices. When you walk in you’ll no doubt notice the shelves of cookie jars, fresh fruit and kombucha for sale too. This is the small shop at the front of the restaurant, selling plenty of indulgent treats.

Image of Lala & Lili Warung shop selling bananas and cookies
Small shop at the front of Lala & Lili Warung offering tempting fresh fruit, cookies, cakes and kombucha


Set back slightly from a quiet road in Penestanan, Lala & Lili Warung has a beautiful little pond in front of it, complete with water features. The water fountain, lotus flowers and lilies make it a beautiful setting.

Image of pond with water feature surrounding the seating area at Lala & Lili Warung Ubud
A small pond surrounding the seating area at Lala & Lili Warung

The restaurant has both tables and floor seating, overlooking the pond. It’s quiet and relaxing. I stayed for a while reading my book. I did notice there are quite a lot of tiny little ants crawling around. At least at the floor seating area.

Image of floor seating area, low tables and cushions at Lala & Lili Warung, ubud
Comfortable, relaxing floor seating area, with low tables and cushions at Lala & Lili Warung
More seating in picturesque greenery at Lala & Lili Warung. It felt like floating on the pond.
More seating in picturesque greenery at Lala & Lili Warung. It felt like floating on the pond.


They have wifi at Lala and Lilis. I was on there once and didn’t do anything very intense, but it seemed fine.  If you go there and have a good or bad wifi experience, please report in and we’ll update this section.  

Final Thoughts

Lala & Lili Warung is cheaper than I expected it to be. As it’s in such a beautiful setting and looks like a fancy restaurant, I was surprised at how reasonable the prices were. The food was good and the portion sizes too. If I wasn’t leaving today, I would definitely go again.