Atman Kafe Ubud

Image of Atman kafe ubud restaurant sign

Atman Kafe Ubud:

  • Soba Noodle Salad + Vegan Pizza
  • Price: 52k + 78k (tax included)
  • Score: 5/10
  • February 9th, 2017

Atman Kafe has 2 different locations on Jalan Hanoman.  There is Atman Nourish Kafe which serves only vegan and vegetarian food and then  Atman Kafe serves meat dishes, but you can still order vegan dishes from their menu.  The menu is almost overwhelming as there are so many options.  There’s definitely potential for decision paralysis in this place.



I ordered the Soba noodle salad. My friend Rez opted for the vegan tempeh scramble. We had to wait a little while for our food and when it did come we were both disappointed with the portion size. For 52k idr, we thought we were ordering a main meal. It turned out that we’d need to order something else too.

Image of soba noodle salad at atman kafe ubud
Soba Noodle Salad – a very small, shallow bowl at Atman Kafe

The soba noodle salad was tasty. A Japanese noodle salad with shredded nori, sesame oil, seeds, spring onions, and a tamari, soy sauce & mirin dressing, with wasabi on the side. If it wasn’t for the price and small portion I would definitely have eaten this again.

We were still pretty hungry afterwards so we decided to split the Vegan Pizza.

Image of Vegan Pizza at Atman Kafe ubud
Vegan Pizza with a red rice base at Atman Kafe.

By this point it was almost too dark in Atman Kafe to see what we were eating which is why the pic above is a bit dark.

We chose the regular, 30cm pan size to split between us. All pizza’s can be made vegan, but the ‘vegan pizza’ option on the menu sounded the best anyway:

“Tomato sauce base with capsicum, spinach, onion, herbs, mushrooms, tomatoes, kalamata olives & garlic, topped with nut-free basil pesto & vegan parmesan.”

The Vegan Pizza as standard comes on a cashew-nut base. We didn’t realise this and chose a red rice base, which cost an extra 5k idr.

The pizza was really good. There was definitely enough to share between two and, after our ‘starters’ feel full. My only complaint may be a distinct lack of kalamata olives. Aside from that, it was devoured.


Atman Kafe is certainly designed for style over comfort. Which makes this place a beautiful setting. Certainly worth visiting for the fabulous view over the rice fields from the open-ended restaurant.

The low lighting makes for an ambient, romantic setting. Especially if you go around sunset and watch the view change before your eyes.

Image of night view from Atman Kafe ubud
The view at night from the open-ended Atman Kafe. It certainly adds a lot to the atmosphere.


The wifi was pretty terrible. Slow, or no connection at all.

This also would not be great place to work at. If you stay too long you might find your body going numb. The seats aren’t very comfortable.

If you don’t want to sit at a table there are floor seating options around the sides of the room. These may be marginally more comfortable but lack the view at the bottom of the restaurant.

Image of floor and table seating at Atman Kafe ubud
Floor seating and tables at Atman Kafe, though both pretty uncomfortable which seems to be the norm in Ubud.

Water isn’t free either so if you do go for a while, taking some with you isn’t a bad idea.

Final Thoughts

Overall we were disappointed with Atman Kafe. Though the food was good and the vegan options were extensive, but the portions were small and the prices were inflated. The redeeming factor was certainly the view and ambience.

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