Is Bacolod a good spot for a digital nomad?

Short answer: You could probably survive there for a bit.  It’s not a vegan friendly place.


  • It’s cheap.
    • Movie 170-180 pesos
    • San Miguel Beer 33-39 peso (7-11)
  • Everybody can speak English.
  • It’s easy to get around.
  • The people are nice.


  • The internet is hit or miss.
  • Pollution
  • It’s very difficult to eat vegetarian or vegan here.

As a nomad, the biggest problem here is the internet.  It’s really slow and there’s a lot of times when it just doesn’t work. .  It’s also more expensive than everywhere else in SE Asia.  Could you hack it for a while?  It really depends on your level of patience.  I lasted about a week, but not being able to find food made it pretty miserable.

I went back and forth between working at Dojo 8, a coworking space as well as the Starbucks. Both on Lacson street.


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