Bali Buda Ubud

Image of Bali Buda restaurant sign

Bali Buda Ubud:

  • Falafel & Aubergine Wrap + Delicious Hot Oatmeal
  • Price: 34k + 23k ( +10% tax + 5% service charge)
  • Score: 6/10
  • January 19th, 2017

Bali Buda is a ‘whole food’ cafe located right across the street from one of the main Yoga Studios here, Radiantly Alive. This makes it a popular choice with the yogi’s.

I came to meet my friend after her double-session of yoga classes. Being hungry and sweaty she didn’t want to walk far. So Bali Buda it was.

Bali Buda isn’t strictly a vegetarian or vegan restaurant. I’ve included it here as the menu is so extensive. There are many vegetarian choices. You will find chicken on the menu though – and yes, it is chicken, not vegan ‘chicken’.


The menu at Bali Buda has so many options. In my opinion, Breakfast definitely seems the best of all. We went around lunchtime so I opted for their ‘Falafel & Aubergine Wrap’ from the lunchtime menu. My friend went for the Bali Bunda Bowl (48k).

Image of Bali Bunda Bowl and Falafel and Aubergine Red Rice Wrap
Bali Bunda Bowl and Falafel and Aubergine Red Rice Wrap

Honestly, the falafel wrap was ridiculous. It was really small and had barely any filling inside. I’m not sure there was even one whole falafel between the two pieces, let alone much aubergine. There was a little side salad and some cucumber inside.

You can choose a choice of red rice, brown rice or nori for the wrap. I asked the server which the best was, and she strongly suggested the red rice wrap. That was impressive, it tasted pretty good. As a side dish this could be nice, but as a lunchtime main it was massively underwhelming. I wouldn’t get it again.

Image of red rice wrap with falafel and aubergine and side salad
Red Rice Wrap with Falafel, Aubergine, Cucumber and Organic salad

The Bali Bunda bowl is a mix of beetroot, carrots, bean sprouts, tomatoes, cucumber, sunflower & pumpkin seeds, organic garden greens served with homemade coconut crackers. As far as Rez commented, it was a nutritious salad but also not very filling.

The best part may have been the salad dressings. I added a creamy pesto dressing to my wrap. Rez added some sort of raspberry vinaigrette and spirulina flakes to her salad, which she loved. There were a few more dressings that we didn’t taste.

Image of Salad dressings tray with pesto, spirulina flakes and raspberry vinaigrette
Salad dressings tray: Spirulina flakes, Pesto and Raspberry Vinaigrette

Take 2:

Both of us, still being hungry, took a second look at the menu. The breakfast options seemed to be the most appealing. Rez went for a Paleo breakfast (non-vegetarian) and I chose the ‘Delicious Hot Oatmeal’.

Image of hot oats with fresh coconut milk, shredded coconut, dates and kenari nut topping
Hot Oats with shredded coconut, dates and kenari nut topping, and a side of fresh coconut milk and palm sugar

The oats were actually one of my favourite meals I’ve had here in Ubud. That might be because it’s one of my favourite comfort foods.

The oats came with a date, coconut and kenari nut topping. And a bamboo leaf container of fresh coconut milk and palm sugar to the side. As simple as it was, the dish was warm, filling and really very tasty. This is one of the best value dishes I’ve had here. At just 23k it was very cheap in comparison to everything else.

Atmosphere and Wifi:

Bali Buda doesn’t have wifi, but they do say you’ll find a ‘better connection’, which I find incredibly pretentious! So mostly it’s not an option for working there.

That said, Rez and I both had writing work to do that didn’t require any wifi so we sat in Bali Buda for an hour or two. It wasn’t very busy whilst we were there and I quite liked the environment. There were plenty of tables suitable for working at.

Image of tables inside Bali Buda, Ubud
Seating area inside Bali Buda

One of the not-so-great aspects is that they charge 2000 rupiah per glass of water, and you can’t bring in food or drink from outside. So again, not very conducive to a working environment.

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