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Bamboo Spirit Ubud:

  • Vegan Buffet
  • Price: By donation
  • Score: 10/10
  • January 22nd, 2017

Bamboo Spirit is an open space for all sorts of events here in Ubud, Penestanan. Every Sunday they have a Vegan buffet, by donation, between 12pm and 3pm.

Image of Vegan Buffet options with yellow rice, asian salad, pumpkin, tempeh, artichoke and cabbage
Vegan Buffet options; Curried Tempeh, Pumpkin, Asian Salad, Shredded Cabbage, Artichoke Hearts and Yellow Rice


With food being a top attraction here, a buffet by donation seemed too good to be true. Yet, here it is.

Image of asian salad, pumpkin and a bowl of tempeh buffet options
Pumpkin, Tempeh, Veggies and Button Mushroom

The buffet options were even better than I expected. Nutritious, healthy, quality food. Some of the options were; spiced tempeh in some sort of curry/turmeric mix, asian salad with button mushrooms, artichoke hearts, pumpkin, shredded cabbage, steamed veggies and yellow rice.

Image of Banana leaf topped with yellow rice, pumpkin, artichoke, mushroom and salad
A very messy plate of vegan buffet food

It was all delicious. My particular favourite were the artichoke hearts and spiced tempeh. There’s also tea on offer too.

Although I don’t usually like buffets so much – (I overeat, I can’t help it), this was hands down one of the best meals I’ve had here in Ubud. For the quality of the food and also the environment.

I expected this place to be crowded on Sunday. In my mind this is where I’d meet the Ubud community. I couldn’t have been more wrong. The place was almost empty when we arrived at around 12.45. It didn’t get much busier whilst we were there.

Image of inside Bamboo Spirit, with a communal table and chairs
Seating inside Bamboo Spirit

The buffet was held inside, with some floor seating and a large communal table. Outside, down a few steps, there is a lovely courtyard area which has more tables and floor seating, the kind that resembles a four-poster bed with drapes and curtains for decoration.

Image of outdoor courtyard at Bamboo Spirit
The outdoor courtyard at Bamboo Spirit; more tables and floor seating

It felt very relaxed and peaceful. It is an open space without any fans, so I imagine it can get pretty humid. Fortunately, the day I went there was a slight breeze.

There is no wifi here which made it a lovely place to just chill out with a friend. We stayed for a few hours and felt very comfortable there. We were left completely to our own devices and probably could have stayed all afternoon had we wanted to.

Buffet’s seem to be a common theme here, many cafe’s and even yoga studios offer weekend buffets for somewhere in the range of 75k and up. Bamboo Spirit offer their buffet every Sunday, and it looks like this has been running for a few years.
I would highly recommend coming and supporting this community space. The food was delicious and the environment tranquil. Just remember to clean up after yourselves!

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