Cafe Vespa Ubud

Image of chalkboard with menu options at Cafe Vespa, Ubud

Cafe Vespa Ubud

  • Vegetable Stack
  • Price: 49k (+ 10% tax + 5% service charge)
  • Score: 2/10
  • February 3rd, 2017

Cafe Vespa Ubud is an eclectic little cafe in Penestanan. They boast incredible food and great coffee. This was not my experience of it.


Cafe Vespa have a number of vegetarian options, and some vegan. (There are more vegetarian and vegan options on the menu, than on the specials board pictured above).

I’d been recommended to try the ‘Vegetable Stack’. I’d seen this served a few days prior and it looked pretty immense. A huge stack of cooked veggies. Doesn’t get much better than that. (I ordered mine without the parmesan sprinkling on top).

Image of Vegetable stack at Cafe Vespa
Vegetable Stack – a massive disappointment at Cafe Vespa

So, I struggled to take an attractive-looking photograph of it. It does look more impressive and appetising than the photo suggests. That is where the good stuff ends though.

The veggies were incredibly oily and greasy. They were also luke-warm, which I pointed out to my friend who had ordered the same. We heard the ‘ding’ of a microwave and out came her Vegetable Stack too. Again, greasy, oily and luke-warm.

Clearly we suspected that the veggies had been cooked earlier and reheated in the microwave. Hoping that wasn’t the case, I asked the server if they used the microwave, to which he looked a little worried and said ‘Yes’.

For a Cafe that prides themselves on high quality food, and high prices, this is really disappointing. I won’t be going back to eat there, and I don’t recommend it. To me it seems like another pretentious cafe that serves poor quality at high prices.

They also have cashew milk on the menu for vegan coffee. Yet every morning I’ve asked, they have been ‘out’ of cashew milk. (It’s also an extra 12k rph on top of a 25k coffee, making it about the same price as a full meal once tax is added).


Cafe Vespa does have some cool seating, and is a pretty colourful cafe.

It’s usually really busy, with people eating or working at their laptops. It isn’t a place I would personally hang out for a few hours.

To me it’s a little too busy, and with the open kitchen, there’s too much noise and distraction going on.

It has been okay in the evening to meet a friend for a (non-alcoholic) drink. The furniture isn’t the most comfortable though.


The Wifi seems pretty good at Cafe Vespa. There are signs around the place that say no Skype or video-calling as it slows everyone down, which is understandable.

Image of colourful seating inside Cafe Vespa, Ubud



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