Rasayana Retreat Bangkok

Image of rasayana retreat raw food cafe sign bangkok

Rasayana Retreat Bangkok:

  • Spring Rolls + Thai Kale Coleslaw + Hawaiian Pizza
  • Price: 180b + 190b + 220b (+10% service charge)
  • Score: 8/10
  • February 16th, 2017

After a month of vegan food heaven in Bali, it was back to Bangkok. Losing the luxury of having vegan food at every corner, we scoped out Rasayana Retreat, raw food cafe.


Rasayana Retreat raw food cafe has an extensive vegan menu. Raw pasta, raw versions of Thai dishes and their most highly recommended – raw pizza. As it is a raw cafe, everything on the menu is vegan as you may have guessed. No meat or dairy to be found here.

It was a difficult choice of what to go for, but after quite some time my friend and I chose a few dishes. The Spring Rolls were made from cabbage leaves and stuffed with a nut pate and homemade sweet and sour sauce.

Spring Rolls: Beautifully rolled cabbage leaves stuffed with savoury nut pate. Topped with homemade sweet and sour sauce and salad
Spring Rolls: Beautifully rolled cabbage leaves stuffed with savoury nut pate. Topped with homemade sweet and sour sauce and salad

The Thai Kale Coleslaw was my absolute favourite. It tasted so light and healthy yet was satisfying too. Made from shredded kale, carrot, cabbage, onion, raisin, sesame seeds and avocado tossed in a homemade honey miso dressing. I could have eaten ten of these it was so good.

Thai Kale Coleslaw with shredded kale at rasayana retreat raw food cafe bangkok
Thai Kale Salad: Shredded kale, carrot, cabbage, onion, raisin, sesame seeds and avocado with homemade honey miso dressing.

I had such a hard time deciding between the pizzas for a main. The mushroom burger and mushroom marinara pizza looked incredible, but we went for the Hawaiian pizza.

Raw Hawaiian pizza at rasayana retreat raw food cafe bangkok
Hawaiian Pizza: A base of sprouted sunflower seeds, macadamia and cashew nuts topped with marinated veggies, red onion and Thai pineapple

Sprouted sunflower seeds, macadamia and cashew nuts made up the super tasty pizza base. Topped with marinated veggies, red onion and zesty Thai pineapple.

I can’t express just how good all of this food was. After such good starters I was struggling to get through all of the pizza. The crust was really filling, but not too heavy as sometimes can be the case with raw pizza.


Despite being stuffed to the brim, a little later Rez and I found room for dessert. It just looked too good to pass up on. And Rez was leaving Bangkok so it had to be done.

Again, all of the cakes look really incredible but the clear stand out from the crowd had to be the banoffee pie.

Banoffee pie at rasayana retreat raw food cafe bangkok
Banoffee Pie to die for!

rasayana-bangkok - 20

Luckily, it was stuffed mainly with banana so that makes it healthy, right?

Banoffee pie was to die for. And with that, we couldn’t move for the next hour.


Rasayana raw food cafe is a cute add-on to the outside of Rasayana retreat centre. Here they offer massages and treatments of all sorts, and the restaurant is attached to the side.

It’s only a small area, but is by no means an ‘add-on’ in terms of quality. Both the retreat centre and the raw food cafe receive raving reviews all the time.

It’s a laid back setting with just a few tables and chairs, some benches and cushions. It has a very intimate feel to it, and when Rez and I ate there we were the only people there.

Cute seats in a relaxed atmosphere in Rasayana raw food cafe, part of Rasayana retreat.
Cute seats in a relaxed atmosphere in Rasayana raw food cafe, part of Rasayana retreat.
Small tables and chairs at rasayana retreat raw food cafe and cake display
Small tables and chairs, with the incredible cake display at the back, make sure to leave room for cake!


Wifi is available here but it wasn’t working at all the evening we visited.

Final Thoughts

Incredible food and really reasonable prices. I can’t wait to go back. Even if just for another Kale Salad, or raw cake – I still can’t decide which was best. Regardless, it is a must visit for vegan food when in Bangkok.

The Salad Concept Chiang Mai

Image of restaurant sign for The Salad Concept, Chiang Mai
The Salad Concept Restaurant Sign on Nimmanhaemin Road

Salad Concept, Nimmanhaemin, Chiang Mai:

  • Make your own Salad
  • Price: 110 baht
  • Score: 10/10
  • January 10th, 2017

Salad Concept is in prime location, right in the middle of the busy Nimmanhaemin Road. It’s recently just reopened after a renovation and feels even nicer than before.

The concept is simple – create your own salad or wrap. It’s a simple 4 step process. Choose whether you want a wrap or regular salad, choose which free toppings you want (5 free), choose any speciality toppings (additional price), and choose a dressing.

Image of the menu at Salad Concept showing the salad toppings you can choose to add
Extensive list of salad toppings to choose from

This makes it great for vegetarians and vegans because you can customize your salad or wrap exactly to your liking. I went for a regular salad with almond slices, job’s tears, bell pepper, pumpkin and celery and added a special topping of grilled vegetables. This was a small side of eggplant, asparagus, carrot and more grilled pumpkin. I chose the tamarind sesame dressing which was super good.  There are a handful of vegan-friendly dressings.   

Image of Vegan Salad from Salad Concept with Tamarind Sesame Sauce, sunflower sprouts, red pepper, pumpkin lettuce, grilled vegetables, asparagus, carrot, celery, eggplant and job's tears
My ‘make your own’ salad with Tamarind Sesame dressing and a side of grilled vegetables

My salad was incredible. For some reason I always had it in my mind that Salad Concept was overrated and overpriced. I was wrong. If you want clean, healthy food, this is the place to be.

The basic salad is just 69 baht and the wrap is 89 baht if you stick to salad, 5 toppings and a dressing, which is actually really good value for money. The service is slick and the restaurant is clean and spacious. I really can’t find a way to fault it.

Aside from salads they also offer soups, appetizers, breakfast omelettes and pancakes, spaghetti, burgers and rice dishes, as well as special salads from their set menu. Although these are mostly non-vegetarian options I was impressed to find some vegan options. The Organic Tofu Salad, Quinoa Energy Boost and Spaghetti Pesto with Mushroom to name a few. Of the 17 salad dressings, 4 of them are vegan which I think is a pretty good ratio.

The restaurant is definitely more of a restaurant than a working-space. I don’t think I’d go there to work. I did pull out my laptop as I was waiting for my salad to arrive and nobody seemed to care. But that being said it can be a fast-paced restaurant and lacks the relaxing vibes I like to work in. There are a lot of tables but it does get full. There is wifi and whilst I was there it worked, but I haven’t spent enough time at Salad Concept to know if it’s reliable or not. I didn’t spot many power outlets but it was busy when I arrived so I didn’t want to go looking around others tables! From what I could see there weren’t many.

The Salad Concept on Nimmanhaemin Road is open from 11am until 10pm. They also have another branch on the East side of the old city, but I haven’t been there yet.

Image of restaurant seating area at The Salad Concept with large tables and plenty of light
Inside the newly renovated Salad Concept
Image of the salad bar and a student working at the table inside the restaurant
A student working hard next to the salad bar

Matae Vegetarian Chiang Mai

Yellow and red sign with Thai and English writing that says เจ (vegan)
Jeh/Vegan/Vegetarian sign outside Maetae (มาแต) restaurant

Matae Vegetarian, Santitham Chiang Mai:

  • Rice + 2 toppings
  • Price: 30 baht
  • Score: 5/10
  • December 6th, 2016

Being lazy and not really wanting to drive far for lunch, I decided to check out the local Jeh / vegan restaurant. I’ve passed this place a few times but usually when it’s been closed of an evening. Most of these Jeh places close early, around 5pm at the latest.

Nobody here spoke English so I simply gestured at the most appealing looking options.  I ended up with rice and two toppings that looked like this:

Bowl of rice with two toppings of green eggplant and vegetables in an orange sauce
Bowl or rice with two vegan toppings

I’m pretty sure the darker stuff is eggplant. As for the other topping, I have no idea. It tasted like there was some coconut milk and chili involved. I was glad that they used brown rice instead of white.

The eggplant dish was a little oily and a little soggy but didn’t taste all that bad. The other one was actually pretty tasty. Or that may have just been the chili. It was edible and curbed my hunger. There were a few more options I could have gone for so I think I will go back and try some others on days where I can’t be bothered to go much further. It’s a convenient choice for cheap, vegan Thai food.

Food canteen counter with eight different vegan curries available
Canteen counter with 8 different vegan options to choose from

There were quite a lot of options on the day I went, and they seemed fresh too. I have been once before when there were only two options available. I guess it was later in the day and they’d ran out of the others.

My Thai isn’t the best so I gestured at the food, but I have also seen people eating some sort of noodle soup there too. I’m just not sure where that comes from. From what I gathered, rice + 1 topping is 25 baht. Rice + 2 toppings is 30 baht. I’m sure you could have as many toppings as you wanted.

Vegan snacks including pizza, deep fried mushroom and vegan chips
Vegan Snacks

There are also plenty of vegan snacks sold here too. I think I had deep fried mushroom. Whatever it was, it was very tasty but probably not the healthiest!

The restaurant itself is just a small, simple place with a few seats inside.

Tables and stools inside jeh restaurant with red and yellow vegan signs hanging from the ceiling and walls
Seating area inside the jeh restaurant

It’s hard not to miss. Just off the roundabout on Santitham Road. There are plenty of Jeh signs outside.

Restaurant exterior with food on display and vegan banners all around
The restaurant exterior

Amrita Garden Chiang Mai

Image of Amrita Garden Restaurant logo
Amrita Garden logo

Amrita Garden, Chiang Mai:

  • No1 Vegan Burger with Mini Green Salad + Soba Noodle Salad with Sesame Sauce
  • Price: 150b + 99b
  • Score: 10/10
  • January 13th, 2017

For my last night in Chiang Mai I went for dinner with a friend at Amrita Garden, mostly because it was nearby to where I had to return my scooter. I am so glad we did. The food and setting absolutely blew me away. In fact, I really regret leaving it until my last night because I would have gone there all the time!

The menu at Amrita Garden is really incredible. Not only do they have a very cute menu with lots of great photos, there is a whole load of variety. Vegan burger, vegan lasagna, salads, macrobiotic lunch sets, detox soup, soba noodles, quinoa and so much more. The menu is based on macrobiotic foods and is super healthy. They also have plenty of vegan sweet treats too.

Image of Amrita Garden Menu

Making a choice can be pretty difficult. Eventually my friend and I decided to go for the Vegan Burger Salad Set. This came with a mini green salad. Plus the sesame soba noodles dish. They were both some of the best food I’ve had in Chiang Mai.

Image of vegan burger, soba noodle salad and green salad at Amrita Garden, Chiang Mai
Vegan Burger, Mini Green Salad and Soba Noodle salad in Sesame Sauce

I loved the burger because it wasn’t a tofu burger. Amrita have their own vegetable patty recipe which is made mostly from vegetables and nuts. This made it really dense and filling. It was a substantial burger.

My favourite was the Soba noodles though. I’m a big fan of Kombucha (the weird healthy fermented drink) and the soba noodles are made from homemade kombucha! They were even more tasty in the sesame sauce, and full of probiotics.

I thought the prices were really reasonable for such fresh, healthy food. Most dishes are around 100b. The vegan lasagna is a little more, as are most of the dishes with vegan cheese.

Amrita Garden is an Organic Vegan cafe in the heart of the old city in Chiang Mai. The cafe is set in a quaint little house with a garden. There is indoor and outdoor seating; tables, sofas and bean bags. It’s a beautifully relaxing atmosphere, perfect for idling away some hours during the day.

It’s a place I would personally go to read, write and relax, not necessarily to work. But thanks to the mixture of seating there, you could definitely do some work – as long as the big table is free. Otherwise, the low seats and comfy chairs may not be best to work at. The wifi is fairly reliable but that’s not the main draw. 

Since I was last there almost two years ago, I was surprised to find out that Amrita Garden was open late. They now open until 10pm. We went for dinner at around 7pm. When we arrived to Amrita Garden, we were directed just across the street to ‘Amrita Garden and Mellow Bar’. It seems that the Garden cafe is open during the day, and Mellow Bar is open during the evening.

The atmosphere and setting in Mellow Bar (Amrita Garden) was also really lovely. It is a bit different to the garden. It has an indoor seating area, or some high benches on the upstairs veranda to sit at. The place was softly lit and had a relaxing ambience. Mellow Bar definitely describes the place well.

Image of Amrita Garden Mellow Bar at night
Amrita Garden Mellow Bar at night
Image of Amrita Garden Mellow Bar indoor seating
Amrita Garden Mellow Bar indoor seating area


Cat House Chiang Mai

Image of the restaurant sign outside the Cat House, Chiang Mai
Cat House Restaurant Sign

Cat House Chiang Mai:

  • Burmese Tea Leaf Salad,
  • Price: 90 baht
  • Score: 8/10
  • January 4th, 2017

Cat House is a great restaurant on the East of the Moat that offers really great food.

The Cat House menu is a fusion of Thai and Western foods. As well as traditional curries you can get things like a Laab Sandwich or Wrap. They have great quesadillas and burritos too, as well as breakfast foods like pancakes or muesli. They also have sweet potato, pumpkin or zucchini fries! Everything can be made vegetarian or vegan but they also serve meat for any non-vegan friends. Don’t forget to check out their cake selection too. They have vegan cookies, vegan brownies and also homemade bread. Their smoothies and lassi’s are good, as well as Kombucha and herbal iced tea’s. 

Although not a Burmese restaurant, Cat House does an incredible Burmese tea leaf salad.

Image of Burmese Tea Leaf Salad, brown rice, cucumber and cutlery at the Cat House Chiang Mai
Burmese Tea Leaf Salad at the Cat House, Chiang Mai

It’s always a difficult choice for me between the Tea Leaf Salad and their Hummus and Falafel dish, which is also a favourite there, usually found on their specials board.

The Tea Leaf Salad is made from fermented tea leaves, toasted nuts, beans, fresh cabbage, carrots and tomatoes. Thanks to the fermented tea leaves it has a tangy kick to it and is really tasty. The salad itself is pretty filling but combined with Cat House’s dense black rice it’s a hearty dish.

That being said, this time that I went, the black rice portion was a little smaller and seemed to have a little coconut milk mixed in. Another reason for a slightly lower rating this time was because my friend and I did find the salad pretty greasy on this particular day. I’ve never had that before though. It definitely wasn’t as good as usual but I am willing to put that down to one bad day as I’ve been there plenty of times before and absolutely loved it.

The Tea Leaf Salad cost 90 baht. At a Burmese street stall you may pay around 30 baht but this is usually for a smaller portion of tea leaf salad and no extras. For such a filling meal this is a really good price. In fact, most of the prices on the menu are really reasonable, more so than other popular cafe’s around Chiang Mai.

The Cat House is open all day, from 7am – 10pm, which makes it a great place to go in the evenings. I wouldn’t say Cat House is the best environment to work in, it’s definitely designed to be more of a restaurant to socialise with friends in than a work spot, but there are power outlets and decent tables.

Image of the restaurant seating area, tables and chairs at Cat House, Chiang Mai
Indoor Seating area with tables and chairs inside Cat House

The staff at Cat House cafe do have a little reputation for not being the most friendly or welcoming. The owner Jacky is very bubbly but it’s rare that she is there. Jacky takes on staff from Burma and helps them learn Thai and English, as well as teaching them management skills, cooking and mentorship. Even if a smile is lacking, it’s still a great place to spend your money, and with great food.

As a final side note, a friend of mine made the mistake of ordering the ‘Brown Rice Porridge with coconut milk, raisins, banana or mango’ thinking that it would be sweet. It’s actually salty! Aside from that it’s a pretty yummy, warming bowl of rice porridge but definitely doesn’t satisfy a sweet tooth!

Food 4 Thought

Image of a coffee cup and the writing bay's cafe
Food 4 Thought is also known as Bay’s Cafe

Food 4 Thought, Chiang Mai:

  • Hummus Wrap
  • Price: 139 baht
  • Score: 9/10
  • December 3rd 2016

2nd Round: 

  • Chickpea Salad
  • Price 89 baht
  • Score: 7/10
  • Feb 3rd, 2017

Food 4 Thought has a really good reputation in Chiang Mai, for healthy, tasty food, great coffee and a lovely relaxed garden setting. It’s a little out of the old city but well worth a visit.

I’ve been to Food 4 Thought so many times, and I struggle to order anything other than their signature wraps. I know I should try more of their menu as it all sounds really good, but their wraps and salads are the greatest standouts for me.

I ordered a Hummus wrap, and my friend had the Burmese Tea Leaf Salad wrap (These are my usual top picks).

Image of two plates with a Hummus wrap and Burmese Tea Leaf salad wrap with a side of sauerkraut
Incredible wraps at F4T – Hummus and Burmese Tea Leaf salad wrap with a side of sauerkraut

As you can see, the wraps are stuffed with ingredients and are really hearty and satisfying. The hummus wrap comes with an additional side of hummus and sauerkraut. The wrap itself is stuffed with grilled veggies. The veggies often change depending on what’s available but it always tastes amazing. I do like that the veggies are still warm inside the wrap.

Image of a wrap filled with grilled vegetables and hummus with an extra side pot of hummus and sauerkraut
Wrap stuffed with grilled veggies and hummus with an extra side of hummus and sauerkraut

The Burmese Tea leaf salad wrap is also a great option. Again, the wrap is packed with great tasting food. They’re probably the most filling options on the menu (in my opinion). Though a little more expensive than other restaurants, the food is high quality and money well spent. 

As the menu states, all of the food can be adapted for vegans, vegetarians or gluten-free, just ask your server. Most of the menu options you can also sub cheese for vegan cheese (at additional cost). 

Food 4 Thought is also known as Bay’s cafe. The owner, Bay is a friendly guy who has great taste in coffee. I’ve had the single origin coffee there and it was one of the best I’ve had in Chiang Mai. There’s also usually some great vegan cakes and brownies in the display counter (not on the menu) so don’t forget to check these out! (Though if you have a wrap you might struggle to find room for dessert).

The garden is a lovely place to relax, meet with friends for a lunch date, or bring along a laptop to work. The internet is one of the more reliable in Chiang Mai and there are plenty of plug sockets and fans around. There’s also some indoor seating too if you prefer that.


Image of large tables and chairs inside Food 4 Thought garden. Greenery and trees.
Relaxing environment at Food 4 Thought with plenty of seating and large tables outside and inside.

The chickpea salad is priced like a starter, but it was super filling.  Basically, a huge can of lightly cooked chickpeas with onion and various seasonings.  It was a very mild taste which I like.  It came with garlic and a couple chilli peppers on the side.  I was a little surprised to have to mash up the garlic myself, but it was no big deal.

chickpea salad at food 4 thought in chiang mai
The chickpea salad at Food 4 Thought was very filling.


Vegan Heaven

Image of restaurant sign that reads Vegan Heaven, by Taste from Heaven
Vegan Heaven Restaurant Sign

Vegan Heaven, Chiang Mai:

  • Vegan BLT + Fresh Spring Rolls
  • Price: 105 baht + 75 baht
  • Score: 3/10
  • December 9th, 2016

Vegan Heaven had just opened on the day I went for dinner. There was quite a hype about it within the vegan community so a few friends and I thought we’d check it out. Unfortunately, it didn’t impress us very much.

Everything on the menu is vegan. They offer vegan Thai dishes and Western dishes such as the BLT which use vegan chicken, vegan bacon, and vegan cheese.

The menu looks pretty good, and my friends were especially excited about the Western food options. The BLT had been recommended to us so that’s what I went for. I paid extra for an avocado side. 

Image of plate with Vegan BLT sandwich and a side of avocado
Vegan BLT with Avocado at Vegan Heaven

As you can probably see from the picture, it was a lot of bread. In fact, it was mostly just bread and salad. I’m not sure what the vegan bacon was made from. It was a little salty and flavoursome but all in all, pretty disappointing. The fresh spring rolls were better, but it’s hard to go wrong with those.

Plate of six fresh spring rolls with dipping sauce and side salad
Fresh Spring Rolls at Vegan Heaven

I don’t usually like ‘‘fake meat’ so I wondered if I’d just made the wrong choice. However, my friend who has recently just become vegan, and still misses the taste of meat, ordered a chicken wrap. When it came it was small and expensive (around 140b).   

The hummus and salad wrap was better received but at 85b was also mostly salad with a little bit of hummus inside. We ordered some sushi rolls as a side dish and these were also small. A small piece of carrot and cucumber wrapped in a nori roll, with 2 pieces of pickled ginger, soy sauce and wasabi (75b).

I did wonder if perhaps just the Western food was disappointing and we should have stuck to Thai cuisine. But another friend left a plate of mushroom laab mostly uneaten. I tried some and it was very oily and bland.

It turns out that Vegan Heaven is an extension of another restaurant, Taste from Heaven, located in the old city. Had I have known this I may have reconsidered. Even though Taste from Heaven has a good rating on Trip Advisor and seems to be very popular, I was never very impressed and consider it to be an over-rated tourist trap.

Image of indoor and outdoor tables and chairs at Vegan Heaven
Indoor and Outdoor seating at Vegan Heaven

Anchan Vegetarian Restaurant

Image of the restaurant sign outside Anchan Vegetarian Restaurant in Chiang Mai
Anchan Vegetarian Restaurant Sign

Anchan Vegetarian Restaurant, Chiang Mai:

  • Cashew Nut Vegetable Stir Fry
  • Price: 120 baht
  • Score: 9/10
  • November 3rd, 2016

I made a dinner date with a friend of mine for Anchan Restaurant. She’d heard great things about it and it’s also one of few vegetarian restaurants open late around the Nimman area of Chiang Mai.

So yes, everything on their menu is vegetarian. It’s also organic and locally-sourced. The menu changes each week depending on which veggies they have available but the food is always incredible.

After a good workout at the gym, I was starving! I wanted something substantial so ordered the cashew nut veggie stir fry.

Image of the vegan cashew nut stirfry from Anchan Restaurant in Chiang Mai
Cashew Nut Veggie Stir-fry with a plate of Brown Rice and Iced Ginger Tea

I used to think Anchan’s portion sizes were a little on the smaller side, but this definitely wasn’t. The stir fry was a mix of carrots, corn, green beans, tomato, bell pepper, spring onion, tofu, onion and garlic, and the best part was – there was tonnes of cashew nuts. More often than not in Chiang Mai I’ve had a cashew nut stir fry that comes with just a few cashews sprinkled on top. This meal probably had the most I’ve had in one dish.

I also thought there was a really good range of vegetables. Again, a lot of places tend to do a vegetable stir fry with just the same type of veg over and over. It was especially nice to have both red and yellow sweet bell pepper.  The main downside of this place is the prices are very high for Chiang Mai.  

I had a ginger and cinnamon iced too to go with my meal which had a really had a good kick to it! Lots of ginger.

Image of the seating area inside Anchan Restaurant, Chiang Mai with a chalk board on the wall showing weekly menu
Restaurant tables and chairs inside Anchan Vegetarian Restaurant. Chalk board with weekly menu written on.

Pink House Garden

Pink House Garden sign advertising Gluten Free cake, vegetarian food, coffee & cake and opening time
Pink House Garden Sign

Pink House Garden, Chiang Mai:

  • Tempeh Laab + Salad with Peanut Sauce
  • Price: 95b + 70b
  • Score: 6/10
  • November 26th, 2016

Pink House Garden is a relatively new, undiscovered veggie restaurant in Chiang Mai. Although I think it will soon become a popular spot thanks to its beautiful setting.

I visited Pink House Garden on a saturday afternoon with a friend. She happens to live nearby and didn’t even know it existed. Going light on the rice dishes that day we chose two salad style dishes.

Plate of Tempeh Laab with a plate of Salad and bowl of Peanut sauce with Cinnamon Iced Tea
Tempeh Laab, Salad with Peanut Sauce and Cinnamon Tea

The first was spicy minced tempeh salad. This is a vegetarian version of the traditional Thai Laab dish. Laab is usually made with minced pork but has strong flavours of mint and chili.

Laab is actually one of my favourite dishes in Thailand but I don’t often find a veggie alternative. I’ve had mushroom laab before but this tempeh dish was something new, and I loved it. It was flavoursome and the minced tempeh texture was great. It was definitely my favourite of the two dishes. It had minced tempeh, mint, red onion, carrot, and just a little bit of chili. 

The second was Salad with Peanut Sauce. The Salad was a little bland. Mostly lettuce with a little bit of sweet potato, carrot and bell pepper sprinkled on top. But the peanut sauce was really good. It was pretty thick but incredibly tasty. If the salad had just a little more variety to it this would have been a great choice. But as it is I would only recommend it as a side dish and not a main.

We were also given a constant refill of cinnamon tea, (complementary), as we chatted for a few hours.

I was excited to try their vegan cakes as I’d heard excellent things about them. When we went they only had a gluten-free (not vegan) chocolate cake or an avocado-lemon cake. We had the avocado cake and it was pretty good but it didn’t blow my mind. Maybe I’d built it up too much in my head! That being said, I have heard great things from a few friends and seen some good looking pictures so maybe I’ll give it another try.

A slice of gluten free chocolate cake and vegan avocado-lemon drizzle cake with a glass of herbal tea
Amazing Vegan and Gluten Free cakes

The food we had isn’t the best in Chiang Mai. It’s more so the setting and the atmosphere at Pink House Garden that makes it worth a visit. A lovely open garden area with tables and chairs, or cushions and low tables to sit around. My friend and I were the only two people there when we went so it was quiet and relaxing too.

Pink House is also open late (10pm) and I imagine it would be a lovely place to enjoy an evening with some friends. 

Stepping stones leading up to a low table with pillows and curtains surrounding
Beautiful seating area inside Pink House Garden
Image of trees and garden with tables and seats in the background
Pink House Garden


ImmAim Vegetarian Bike Cafe

Image of sign reading ImmAim Vegetarian Cafe @ santitham
ImmAim Vegetarian Cafe

ImmAim Vegetarian Cafe, Chiang Mai:

  • Fresh Herbal Spring Rolls + Broccoli Ginger Stir Fry
  • Price: 65 baht +  60 baht
  • Score: 7/10
  • November 10th, 2016

ImmAim is a welcoming little cafe in the heart of Santitham neighbourhood (Northwest of the old city). Their menu is all vegetarian with many vegan options and most, if not all, can be adapted for vegans.

I live nearby so I work and eat there very often. Today I went for the Fresh Herbal Spring Rolls with a Pumpkin Dressing. This is sort of a light dish, great for sharing, or nice to order with another light meal as I did. So on top of that I also ordered the Broccoli and Ginger stir-fry as I was craving greens.

Image of herbal spring rolls on a plate with pumpkin dressing
Ok, so I dived right in and ate one before I remembered to take a picture – there are 8 rolls usually
Image of broccoli ginger stir-fry
Broccoli ginger stir-fry


The Herbal Spring Rolls are amazing. They are minty and fresh and the pumpkin dressing is really good. But it didn’t fill me up at all. I’ve never had the broccoli stir fry before so I thought I’d give it a try. I have to say that I thought it was a little light on broccoli and a little heavy on the ginger and pepper. But, I guess it’s intended as a healthy dish and so the taste reflects that. I’m not sure what sort of sauce it was in but it was pretty watery.

ImmAim is one of those places where I always feel like I ordered the wrong thing. They have so many good options I often see other people’s food arriving and wish I’d ordered that instead! I sort of did that today. I had a ravenous appetite. It was 4pm and I hadn’t eaten all day, yet I went for the light/healthy options. So, my feelings about both these dishes may have been different on a different day.

They can definitely deliver much better than this so I’ll be heading back there another time for sure. I would say that it’s still a little gem of a restaurant, I just picked the wrong options for me, so be careful! I did however have the banana mocha smoothie and it may possibly be the best smoothie I’ve had in a long time. That definitely hit the spot! The menu has smoothies, coffee, fresh juice and kombucha.

As a bike cafe, both the owner and the menu focuses on healthy options. They cook with little oil and even make a great healthy version of typical thai food such as Pad Thai. As it’s a little out of the old city too, I find the prices are much more reasonable and the portion sizes are good.

It’s a lovely relaxed place to sit and work or just hang out with friends. I often work there for a few hours and I see others doing the same. The owner, ‘O’ is so relaxed and welcoming. Despite my less than satisfied stomach on this particular day I do highly recommend this place. It’s well worth checking out.


Image of tables and chairs inside Immaim vegetarian restaurant
ImmAim seating area