Dayu’s Warung Ubud

Image of restaurant sign Dayu's warung hanging outside

Dayu’s Warung Ubud:

  • Quinoa Salad + Sweet Potato Tempeh Burger
  • Price: 35k + 45k (+10% tax)
  • Score: 5/10
  • January 24th, 2017

Dayu’s Warung is in the centre of Ubud, down a quiet side street, away from the main road.

The evening we arrived they were experiencing a power cut which reduced our options for food. The Quinoa salad was still available, so my friend and I both went for that.

Image of salad bowl with quinoa, avocado, carrot, cucumber and lettuce
Quinoa Veggie Tempeh Salad: greens, avocado, cucumber, jicama, fried tempeh, carrot, quinoa w/basil dressing

The Food

‘Quinoa Veggie’s Tempeh Salad: green, avocado, cucumber, jicama, fried tempeh, carrot, quinoa w/basil dressing.’

It sounded great but the reality wasn’t quite so. The salad was mostly a bed of lettuce, soaked in an oily dressing with a few pieces of cucumber, and carrot on top. The tempeh was almost non-existent. We had to dig to find a few tiny pieces. The avocado was a bit better and there was at least some quinoa.

Image of salad bowl with quinoa, salad, carrot, avocado
A little bit of salad in a large bowl

That said, the dressing tasted really good. The salad was really tasty, but no way filling enough for a main meal. Again, we went back to the menu.

Rez picked another similar salad, and I went for the Sweet Potato Tempeh Burger. Sweet potato patties, tempeh, side w/ sweet corn pumpkin curry, mixed salad and gomasio lime dressing.

Image of sweet potato pattie with pumpkin lentil curry and side salad
Sweet Potato Tempeh Burger: Sweet Potato pattie, tempeh, pumpkin curry, side salad with lime dressing

This time, the meal was incredibly heavy. The sweet potato burger was very dense, and very bland. There really wasn’t much flavour to it at all. There was a large piece of tempeh in the middle and some sort of salsa on top. Neither of these managed to add much flavour though.  

The curry was pumpkin and lentils and didn’t really complement the burger. It all seemed a bit ‘slapped together’. As you can probably see, it’s not a very appealing looking dish either. The lime dressing on the salad was good though.

Overall the food was reasonably priced and I’m willing to believe the power cut may have played a role in the substandard food. They also have cookies and vegan cakes which look like heaven. That’s enough for me to go back and give it a second try. 

Image of baked vegan goods and cakes on shelves at Dayu's warung.
Cookies, baked goods and cakes that look incredible inside the fridges.

Atmosphere and Wifi

The atmosphere and seating inside the restaurant was worth going for. The electricity, and wifi came back on towards the end of our meal. The wifi signal was one of the strongest out of most restaurants so far.

Image of upstairs seating, tables, chairs and floor cushions at Dayu's warung
Upstairs seating: tables and chairs or floor cushions and low tables to sit at


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