Matae Vegetarian Chiang Mai

Yellow and red sign with Thai and English writing that says เจ (vegan)
Jeh/Vegan/Vegetarian sign outside Maetae (มาแต) restaurant

Matae Vegetarian, Santitham Chiang Mai:

  • Rice + 2 toppings
  • Price: 30 baht
  • Score: 5/10
  • December 6th, 2016

Being lazy and not really wanting to drive far for lunch, I decided to check out the local Jeh / vegan restaurant. I’ve passed this place a few times but usually when it’s been closed of an evening. Most of these Jeh places close early, around 5pm at the latest.

Nobody here spoke English so I simply gestured at the most appealing looking options.  I ended up with rice and two toppings that looked like this:

Bowl of rice with two toppings of green eggplant and vegetables in an orange sauce
Bowl or rice with two vegan toppings

I’m pretty sure the darker stuff is eggplant. As for the other topping, I have no idea. It tasted like there was some coconut milk and chili involved. I was glad that they used brown rice instead of white.

The eggplant dish was a little oily and a little soggy but didn’t taste all that bad. The other one was actually pretty tasty. Or that may have just been the chili. It was edible and curbed my hunger. There were a few more options I could have gone for so I think I will go back and try some others on days where I can’t be bothered to go much further. It’s a convenient choice for cheap, vegan Thai food.

Food canteen counter with eight different vegan curries available
Canteen counter with 8 different vegan options to choose from

There were quite a lot of options on the day I went, and they seemed fresh too. I have been once before when there were only two options available. I guess it was later in the day and they’d ran out of the others.

My Thai isn’t the best so I gestured at the food, but I have also seen people eating some sort of noodle soup there too. I’m just not sure where that comes from. From what I gathered, rice + 1 topping is 25 baht. Rice + 2 toppings is 30 baht. I’m sure you could have as many toppings as you wanted.

Vegan snacks including pizza, deep fried mushroom and vegan chips
Vegan Snacks

There are also plenty of vegan snacks sold here too. I think I had deep fried mushroom. Whatever it was, it was very tasty but probably not the healthiest!

The restaurant itself is just a small, simple place with a few seats inside.

Tables and stools inside jeh restaurant with red and yellow vegan signs hanging from the ceiling and walls
Seating area inside the jeh restaurant

It’s hard not to miss. Just off the roundabout on Santitham Road. There are plenty of Jeh signs outside.

Restaurant exterior with food on display and vegan banners all around
The restaurant exterior

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