Kafe Ubud

Image of kafe restaurant from outside

Kafe Ubud:

  • Vegan Burger + Big Salad bowl + Nasi Goreng + Vietnamese Spring rolls
  • Price: 57k + 59k + 39k + 37k ( + 10% tax + 5% service)
  • Total: 220k
  • Score: 5/10
  • February 6th, 2017

Kafe is a trendy spot, popular amongst the ‘Digital Nomads’ and laptop brigade. It also received 2nd place for ‘Best Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurant’ in 2016, so we thought we’d check it out.


The menu is pretty extensive, with ‘Bread food’ (sandwiches), ‘Bowl food’ (salads and soups) and traditional vegan Indonesian dishes.

On recommendation from the waitress I chose the vegan burger.

Image of vegan cashew nut burger and shitaake musrooms at kafe, ubud
Vegan burger; ground cashew nut, shitaake mushrooms and seeds in a gluten free wrap

The vegan burger was made from ground cashew nut, shiitake mushroom and seeds in a gluten free pita. It was more like a wrap than a burger, but it was really tasty. The salad and avocado was good. Not the most filling meal ever.  I’d recommend getting a side or starter as well.

Image of vegan burger with cashew nut and shitaake mushrooms and salad at kafe, ubud
Vegan burger with salad and avocado at Kafe

My friend ordered ‘Meg’s Big Salad Bowl’.

Image of vegan big salad bowl with tempeh, dressing and bread at Kafe, ubud
Meg’s Big Salad Bowl plus added tempeh in a tahini-lime dressing

Meg’s Big Salad Bowl looks really impressive in the photo, but my friend had ordered extra tempeh to be added on top, so this came at an extra cost.

On the menu, the salad bowl said it contained “every veggie under the sun”, with tofu-tempeh, toasted seeds and a tahini-lime dressing.

Rez was massively disappointed with the salad. In complete contrast to the menu description, there were no veggies at all, just greens and tempeh. The tempeh she had added extra was also pretty greasy as it was deep-fried. Her opinion was that she wouldn’t come back.

Rez’s Mum went for the traditional Nasi Goreng and vietnamese spring rolls. The spring rolls came with a peanut sauce which she didn’t really like, and said the rolls were really bland. I had a taste of them and I actually liked them. They were pretty bland but healthy and simple.

Image of vegan nasi goreng with rice crackers at Kafe, ubud
Nasi Goreng; vegan fried rice with tofu, cashew nuts, salad and rice crackers

The vegan fried rice came with cashew nuts, tofu, spinach and rice crackers. The fried rice was good, and not too greasy.

Overall I enjoyed my meal but my friends weren’t too impressed.


Kafe has both upstairs and downstairs seating, so it’s a large place. There are tables indoors and outdoor, on the terrace upstairs. It’s a nice relaxed setting, with both tables and floor seats.

It certainly seems like a place people come to work. They even have a ‘meeting room’ that can be rented out for business.

The service was slow and not the most attentive but there were no real problems either.

Image of indoor seating upstairs at kafe, ubud
Indoor seating upstairs at Kafe


The Wifi was strong and fairly fast here. There are 2 different connections for upstairs and downstairs, with Skype only available on the second floor. We sat upstairs so I connected to Kafe 2, which I assume is the better connection.

Final Thoughts

Kafe has a promising menu which didn’t really deliver. The costs are a little on the pricey side but may be worth it if you choose to work there for a few hours.

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