Lala & Lili Warung Ubud

Image of Lala & Lili Warung restaurant sign in ubud

Lala & Lili Warung Ubud:

  • Garden Salad + Tempeh Goreng
  • Price: 35k + 25k (+10% tax)
  • Score: 8/10
  • February 14th, 2017

I’ve walked past Lala & Lili Warung so many times yet, have only just eaten there, on my last day in Ubud.


Lala & Lili Warung serves breakfast, salads, and Indonesian foods. It is a vegetarian friendly restaurant, so does serve meat options too. The menu is pretty balanced between vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.

In the middle of a crazy hot day I chose the garden salad, and tempeh to add to it.

Image of plate with tempeh and a plate of salad at Lala & Lili Warung Ubud
Garden salad: lettuce, tomato, avocado, cucumber, carrot, onion, bean sprouts, pineapple, green pepper and tempeh goreng at Lala & Lili Warung

I thought the tempeh would just be a small topping, but the portion size was huge. There was so much tempeh it could have been a meal on its own – albeit a bit bland. But I could have easily shared it between two.

The salad came with lettuce, avocado, tomato, carrot, bean sprouts, onion and cucumber, with fresh herbs on top. I’m not sure exactly what the dressing was (it doesn’t state on the menu), but it tasted like oil and lemon. It was good.

I loaded up my salad with the tempeh. I was glad to have ordered that with it, as I think I’d have still been a little hungry afterwards, if not.

Lala & Lili Warung also have raw cakes and organic Balinese chocolate, as well as smoothies and healthy juices. When you walk in you’ll no doubt notice the shelves of cookie jars, fresh fruit and kombucha for sale too. This is the small shop at the front of the restaurant, selling plenty of indulgent treats.

Image of Lala & Lili Warung shop selling bananas and cookies
Small shop at the front of Lala & Lili Warung offering tempting fresh fruit, cookies, cakes and kombucha


Set back slightly from a quiet road in Penestanan, Lala & Lili Warung has a beautiful little pond in front of it, complete with water features. The water fountain, lotus flowers and lilies make it a beautiful setting.

Image of pond with water feature surrounding the seating area at Lala & Lili Warung Ubud
A small pond surrounding the seating area at Lala & Lili Warung

The restaurant has both tables and floor seating, overlooking the pond. It’s quiet and relaxing. I stayed for a while reading my book. I did notice there are quite a lot of tiny little ants crawling around. At least at the floor seating area.

Image of floor seating area, low tables and cushions at Lala & Lili Warung, ubud
Comfortable, relaxing floor seating area, with low tables and cushions at Lala & Lili Warung
More seating in picturesque greenery at Lala & Lili Warung. It felt like floating on the pond.
More seating in picturesque greenery at Lala & Lili Warung. It felt like floating on the pond.


They have wifi at Lala and Lilis. I was on there once and didn’t do anything very intense, but it seemed fine.  If you go there and have a good or bad wifi experience, please report in and we’ll update this section.  

Final Thoughts

Lala & Lili Warung is cheaper than I expected it to be. As it’s in such a beautiful setting and looks like a fancy restaurant, I was surprised at how reasonable the prices were. The food was good and the portion sizes too. If I wasn’t leaving today, I would definitely go again.


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