Lazy Cats Cafe Ubud

Stairs with 'lazy cats' painted on at lazy cats vegetarian cafe

Lazy Cats Cafe, Ubud:

  • Green Smoothie Bowl, Avocado Hummus Pita, Scrambled Eggs and Tempeh BBQ Wrap
  • Price: 50k + 45k + 50k + 60k  (tax and service charges included)
  • Score: 7/10
  • February 1st, 2017

One of the coolest cafes in Ubud, hands down. Lazy Cats Vegetarian Cafe is laid-back, sophisticated, and immensely charming.

More of a cafe than a full blown restaurant, Lazy Cats has a humble yet mouth-watering menu. From smoothie bowls to soups, salads and wraps, this is an excellent example of a smaller, more thoughtful menu. Every item sounds so good.

I’ve eaten here on a couple of occasions already, and plan to come back again!

First was a brunch date with a friend. I chose the Green Smoothie Bowl and he had ‘Eggs, any style’.

smoothie bowl with fruit, and scrambled eggs on toast with avocado, spinach and sundried tomatoes
Scrambled eggs with toast, avocado, sun dried tomatoes and dip and a Green smoothie bowl with seasonal fruit and cacao

My smoothie bowl was made with homemade cashew coco-milk, seasonal fruits, seeds, coconut and cacao nibs. It was everything you would want a smoothie bowl to be. There was definitely a much more generous serving of fruit in this smoothie bowl than other places i’ve been here. Always a welcome bonus.

Scott had his eggs scrambled and I was really impressed with his dish. A large hunk of toast, spinach, sundried tomatoes, avocado and a dip of his choosing – tahini lemon parsley. The other dips are cashew cheese or salsa de mango.

Brunch is most definitely the best option here! They even have a breakfast smoothie with an espresso shot, banana, peanut butter, dates, cinnamon and soy milk. I just need to come back early enough in the day so I can have coffee and give this a try. They also have soy and cashew milk for an extra 5k making it the perfect vegan coffee shop!

A few days later I came back for lunch with another friend. This time I went for the Avocado Hummus Pita, and she chose the Tempeh BBQ wrap.

Pita bread with avocado hummus mushroom and tomato
Avocado Hummus Pita with raw mushroom, sun dried tomato, salad and chia vinaigrette

Definitely more of a light snack than a filling meal but the Avo Hummus was delicious. The salad had a nice balsamic chia seed dressing with raw mushrooms and sun dried tomatoes. This meal was slightly cheaper at 45k but not nearly as filling as the others.

The most expensive meals on the menu are 60k. One of those being the Tempeh BBQ Wrap.

Vegetarian wrap with vegetables and BBQ sauce, with a side of carrot and sauce
Tempeh BBQ Wrap: Tempeh, greens, peppers and carrots

This was the most hearty meal out of all and very tasty if you’re a fan of BBQ sauce. It seemed like one of the less healthy options but still pretty good with tempeh, greens, peppers and carrots.

Prices here are really reasonable. They are also one of the few places where the government tax and service charge is included in the price you see, which makes it even more affordable and slightly cheaper than other places of a similar standard.

Easily the most ‘home-away-from-home’ cafe I’ve been to in Ubud and I’ve fallen a little in love with the pink, mismatched chairs and decor.

Chairs, sofas, small tables and lights inside Lazy Cats Vegetarian Cafe
Mismatched pink decor to fall in love with

As far as the wifi’s concerned, the first time it was great. The second was a little slow with images on webpages taking a little longer to load. I did still manage to watch a few YouTube videos with only a few instances of buffering. That said it had also been raining non-stop for a couple of days and even the wifi at our house (really fast, strong fiber internet) had been having issues so it’s a little unfair to judge Lazy Cats on this instance.

In terms of atmosphere and ambience, you should probably schedule in a few hours for this place. You may not want to leave those comfy sofas. With an open window and veranda terrace this place is a must-visit.


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