Prima Warung Ubud

Image of Prima Warung Vegetarian sign outside restaurant in ubud

Prima Warung Ubud:

  • Nasi Campur
  • Price: 30k (tax included)
  • Score: 7/10
  • February 11th, 2017

Prima Warung is a local, simple restaurant, run by just one lady – Prima.


Prima Warung serves only vegetarian food in Ubud. It’s known for it’s local vegetarian Indonesian foods. In fact, there’s just one meal available each day – Nasi Campur.

Nasi Campur varies from place to place but is traditionally a plate of rice, with four or five toppings placed around the edge.

Prima Warung is a simple canteen style restaurant. Each day four or five curries and vegetable mixes are prepared. Sometimes these vary from day to day, sometimes they are the same.

Image of canteen at Prima warung vegetarian, ubud with daily vegetarian toppings for nasi campur
Simple, canteen style food at Prima Warung Vegetarian. Daily vegetarian options for Nasi Campur.

Prima Warung is only open for lunch. The lady opens at 12, midday and remains open until she runs out of food. I went late afternoon, at around 4.30pm and she was still open that day. Other days I went later and she was closed.

I ordered Nasi Campur, which came with pumpkin soup, banana flower curry, green vegetables and bean sprouts, mixed vegetable stir fry, sweet corn fritter and mushroom steamed in banana leaf.

Image of Nasi Campur at prima warung vegetarian ubud with banana flower, mixed vegetables, mushroom in banana leaf and pumpkin soup
Nasi Campur at Prima Warung Vegetarian: Banana flower curry, mixed vegetables, deep fried sweetcorn cake, mushrooms in banana leaf and green vegetables with sambal and pumpkin soup

The pumpkin soup was really creamy and tasty. The food was pretty simple but tasty. My favourite was the mushrooms in the banana leaf. They were delicious.

I had heard that Prima Warung was great for healthy, vegetarian food. I’m not so sure just how healthy the food was. For me it didn’t really live up to its reputation of incredible food.

It was good, but I was expecting some tempeh and slightly cleaner food. As it varies from day to day I guess that is the gamble with it. I also suspect if you go at 12 there may be more options. 


The restaurant is simple but welcoming and clean. There are about 7 tables in total. Although it’s not very big, it can fit a number of people.

Being on a fairly main road it doesn’t have the most scenic views. It can also be a little noisy.

It’s not a place I would stay very long at – only until my food was eaten.

Image of wooden tables and chairs at prima warung vegetarian ubud
This is almost all of the seating available at Prima Warung Vegetarian.


There is no wifi here.

Final Thoughts

All in all, it’s great food at a great price for just 30,000 rph. I think that makes it the cheapest vegetarian restaurant in Ubud! The owner Prima is lovely too, and clearly enjoys what she does.
Something to note is that as it’s only run by Prima herself, i’ve found it often closed on random days. I tried to come here a number of times and each time was closed due to religious ceremonies or unspecified reasons.

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