The Salad Concept Chiang Mai

Image of restaurant sign for The Salad Concept, Chiang Mai
The Salad Concept Restaurant Sign on Nimmanhaemin Road

Salad Concept, Nimmanhaemin, Chiang Mai:

  • Make your own Salad
  • Price: 110 baht
  • Score: 10/10
  • January 10th, 2017

Salad Concept is in prime location, right in the middle of the busy Nimmanhaemin Road. It’s recently just reopened after a renovation and feels even nicer than before.

The concept is simple – create your own salad or wrap. It’s a simple 4 step process. Choose whether you want a wrap or regular salad, choose which free toppings you want (5 free), choose any speciality toppings (additional price), and choose a dressing.

Image of the menu at Salad Concept showing the salad toppings you can choose to add
Extensive list of salad toppings to choose from

This makes it great for vegetarians and vegans because you can customize your salad or wrap exactly to your liking. I went for a regular salad with almond slices, job’s tears, bell pepper, pumpkin and celery and added a special topping of grilled vegetables. This was a small side of eggplant, asparagus, carrot and more grilled pumpkin. I chose the tamarind sesame dressing which was super good.  There are a handful of vegan-friendly dressings.   

Image of Vegan Salad from Salad Concept with Tamarind Sesame Sauce, sunflower sprouts, red pepper, pumpkin lettuce, grilled vegetables, asparagus, carrot, celery, eggplant and job's tears
My ‘make your own’ salad with Tamarind Sesame dressing and a side of grilled vegetables

My salad was incredible. For some reason I always had it in my mind that Salad Concept was overrated and overpriced. I was wrong. If you want clean, healthy food, this is the place to be.

The basic salad is just 69 baht and the wrap is 89 baht if you stick to salad, 5 toppings and a dressing, which is actually really good value for money. The service is slick and the restaurant is clean and spacious. I really can’t find a way to fault it.

Aside from salads they also offer soups, appetizers, breakfast omelettes and pancakes, spaghetti, burgers and rice dishes, as well as special salads from their set menu. Although these are mostly non-vegetarian options I was impressed to find some vegan options. The Organic Tofu Salad, Quinoa Energy Boost and Spaghetti Pesto with Mushroom to name a few. Of the 17 salad dressings, 4 of them are vegan which I think is a pretty good ratio.

The restaurant is definitely more of a restaurant than a working-space. I don’t think I’d go there to work. I did pull out my laptop as I was waiting for my salad to arrive and nobody seemed to care. But that being said it can be a fast-paced restaurant and lacks the relaxing vibes I like to work in. There are a lot of tables but it does get full. There is wifi and whilst I was there it worked, but I haven’t spent enough time at Salad Concept to know if it’s reliable or not. I didn’t spot many power outlets but it was busy when I arrived so I didn’t want to go looking around others tables! From what I could see there weren’t many.

The Salad Concept on Nimmanhaemin Road is open from 11am until 10pm. They also have another branch on the East side of the old city, but I haven’t been there yet.

Image of restaurant seating area at The Salad Concept with large tables and plenty of light
Inside the newly renovated Salad Concept
Image of the salad bar and a student working at the table inside the restaurant
A student working hard next to the salad bar

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