Sari Bamboo Warung Ubud

Image of menu sign and front of sari bamboo restaurant with doors and bench
The front of Sari Bamboo – there’s no obvious restaurant sign

Sari Bamboo Warung, Ubud:

  • Mixed Green Tempeh Salad
  • Price: 35k (tax included)
  • Score: 8/10
  • February 5th, 2017

Sari Bamboo is located along the same street as Alchemy and a load of other cafes and warungs. From the front, it doesn’t really stand out and could be easy to walk past. 

Resembling something more like an art gallery, there are colourful cushions outside and paintings hanging from the walls. With no visible restaurant name, you can hope the food poster is outside. It looks like this:

Image of food poster outside Sari Bamboo with menu options on


I’m so glad I stumbled across this place. They have vegetarian appetizers, soups, salads and smoothie bowls for incredible prices, and in a beautiful setting.

They also have a vegetarian menu for local Indonesian dishes such as nari goreng (fried rice), and gado-gado. They don’t use any MSG in their cooking either. 

Prices range from 15k – 35k which is great!

Image of vegetarian menu at Sari bamboo
Some of the vegetarian Indonesian options at Sari Bamboo

I went for their Mixed Green Salad with Tempeh. This was only 35k rph and was one of the more expensive options.

Image of salad with tempeh, lettuce, carrot, bettroot, seeds, tomato, cucumber and a plate with three dressings on
Mixed Green Tempeh Salad at Siri Bamboo

I was really impressed with this salad. There was just so much tempeh, as well as carrot, beetroot, bell pepper, tomato, cucumber, cabbage, lettuce, sesame seeds, and sunflower seeds. It also came with three dressings – sesame oil (super tasty), balsamic vinaigrette and thousand island dressing.

All of this for 35k rph is one of the best value for money meals I’ve had. Let alone given the setting it was in.


In the garden there is an unexpected swimming pool. It seems Sari Bamboo has some accommodation at the back which this is part of. I chose to sit at a table right next to the pool. It felt very serene and away from the road I’d just walked in from.

Image of table and chairs next to swimming pool at Siri Bamboo
Outside seating area next to the pool – very relaxing

There’s also a large bench/sofa around a big table in the garden area, as well as tables inside, overlooking the pool, or in the arty area.

Image of indoor seating at Sari Bamboo
Indoor seating area at Sari Bamboo

The pool, garden and paintings really add an artistic, serene feel to the place. It had a lot of character and was an atmosphere that I really enjoy working in. Laid-back yet not too lethargic!

Image of garden seating area at siri bamboo
Garden seating outside


There are 3 different wifi networks to connect to here. Whilst I was there I used two of them and they were both pretty good. It was great to sit and work here at the large tables and straight backed chairs. I stayed for a few hours and wasn’t disturbed.

The toilet is perhaps the only downside to this place. It was outside at the front of the building and was blocked and had no soap. Hopefully this was a one-off though!

Overall I was really impressed with this place. The menu has plenty of vegetarian options and at really good prices. The staff were kind enough, but mostly left me to my own devices, which I appreciated.


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