Vegan Ramen Tokyo Station

T’s TanTan, Vegan Ramen Tokyo Station, Tokyo, Japan

  • Black sesame ramen
  • Prices: 850-1150 + optional extras
  • Score: 10/10
  • Jan 3rd, 2017

Finding vegan food let alone vegan ramen in Tokyo is not something that happens often.  That’s why every time I’m in Japan I try to get over to T’s Tantan so I can eat some super good meat-free ramen.  If you find yourself passing through Tokyo station, definitely stop in for a bowl.  The prices are very reasonable and the food is great.  **Note that it is inside the paid area of the station and it’s Japan so even if you went in and out without going anywhere, you’d still have to pay the minimum fare as if you moved one station.  It’s worth it!

Tokyo station is big and it can be a little hard to find.  Once inside, look on any of the station maps for the Keiyo line.  It’s in that general area.  Keep an eye out for Book Express.  There are also some souvenir shops very close by.  The sign below, as well as the shop is a bit hidden behind a wall.

t's tantan vegan ramen
Vegan ramen shop at Tokyo Station


There a number of side options like vegan gyoza or a side of veggies that you can throw into your ramen.

Vegan Gyoza at Tokyo Station
Vegan gyoza for the win.


I went with the black sesame ramen bowel.  They mash up a bunch of sesame seeds and it adds some extra flavour and thickness to the broth.  You could also choose white or gold sesame seeds.  There was also a few options like curry rice

The black sesame vegan ramen was so good!