Warung Ting Ting Ubud

Image of Warung Ting Tine menu, ubud

Warung Ting Ting Ubud:

  • Vegetable Curry + Ginger Tea
  • Price: 28k + 12k (tax included)
  • Score: 4/10
  • February 11th, 2017

Warung Ting Ting was a stone’s throw away from where I was living in Penestanan, Ubud. It’s at the top of the alley leading off from Cafe Vespa. I came here a few times mostly for coffee but also sampled some of the food. 


Warung Ting Ting serve both meat and vegetarian/vegan options. Aside from breakfast, it’s mostly local Indonesian food they serve.

Although a little limited, there’s definitely some healthy looking options there.

I ordered a hot ginger tea and vegetable curry – ‘vegetables with carrot, potato, green bean, cauliflower and coconut milk with rice’.

Image of vegetable curry in a bowl with a plate of rice and glass of hot ginger tea at ting ting warung, ubud
Vegetable curry with rice, and a hot ginger tea with lime and honey on the side at Warung Ting Ting

It was only 28k rph, so I was intrigued to see how good the food would be. I found it a similar experience to the curry I ordered at Tj’s Warung, which was also very cheap. A fair amount of vegetables but pretty oily and watery. It wasn’t a thick curry as I’d hoped for.

Overall it was a cheap, simple meal that filled me up but I probably wouldn’t order again.

The ginger tea on the other hand was really good. It had loads of ginger in the bottom, was a big glass and also came with honey and lime on the side.

Image of hot ginger tea with lime and honey at ting ting ubud

Warung Ting Ting Ubud also has tasty-looking cakes, including a vegan chocolate cake sometimes. When I first came here for a coffee, I had the (non-vegan) chocolate cake. It was fairly cheap but also tasted really greasy. I’m guessing that’s coconut oil. I didn’t feel too great after eating it.

The banana cake, poppy seed and lemon cake all look pretty good though. Maybe I’ll try the vegan chocolate cake next time.


The atmosphere here is really what people come for. The warung is incredibly welcoming and homelike. It has seating on two storeys, but the nicer is definitely upstairs. There’s more light and more big tables with sofa seats and cushions around.

Image of tables and benches with cushions upstairs at warung ting ting, ubud
Cozy, inviting tables and benches in a laid-back atmosphere at Warung Ting Ting

The decor is incredibly sweet and invites you to sit and read a book for hours. That said, the music could do with a change – Celine Dion gets a little tedious after a while. If you’re planning on working here, I’d advise you to bring headphones!

Something to be aware of is that there’s a temple next door. This gives a lovely view from the second storey, but if there’s building work going on it’s really noisy and ruins the ambience.

Image of temple from ting ting balcony upstairs
The view of the temple next door from upstairs at Warung Ting Ting


The wifi has been fairly OK the few times I’ve been here. I wouldn’t make it my chosen place of work if I needed to do internet-intense tasks however.

Though I have found it a great place to work, that’s mostly because I would do my offline editing there. Perhaps this place is best left for reading a book or hanging out with friends, despite the comfortable seating and tables.

Final Thoughts

Warung Ting Ting Ubud has an enticing charm to it. It’s a cheap place to eat and a lovely environment to relax in. The food isn’t the best nor is the wifi, but if you’re in the area, it’s not a terrible place to chill out and have a coffee.

Sari Bamboo Warung Ubud

Image of menu sign and front of sari bamboo restaurant with doors and bench
The front of Sari Bamboo – there’s no obvious restaurant sign

Sari Bamboo Warung, Ubud:

  • Mixed Green Tempeh Salad
  • Price: 35k (tax included)
  • Score: 8/10
  • February 5th, 2017

Sari Bamboo is located along the same street as Alchemy and a load of other cafes and warungs. From the front, it doesn’t really stand out and could be easy to walk past. 

Resembling something more like an art gallery, there are colourful cushions outside and paintings hanging from the walls. With no visible restaurant name, you can hope the food poster is outside. It looks like this:

Image of food poster outside Sari Bamboo with menu options on


I’m so glad I stumbled across this place. They have vegetarian appetizers, soups, salads and smoothie bowls for incredible prices, and in a beautiful setting.

They also have a vegetarian menu for local Indonesian dishes such as nari goreng (fried rice), and gado-gado. They don’t use any MSG in their cooking either. 

Prices range from 15k – 35k which is great!

Image of vegetarian menu at Sari bamboo
Some of the vegetarian Indonesian options at Sari Bamboo

I went for their Mixed Green Salad with Tempeh. This was only 35k rph and was one of the more expensive options.

Image of salad with tempeh, lettuce, carrot, bettroot, seeds, tomato, cucumber and a plate with three dressings on
Mixed Green Tempeh Salad at Siri Bamboo

I was really impressed with this salad. There was just so much tempeh, as well as carrot, beetroot, bell pepper, tomato, cucumber, cabbage, lettuce, sesame seeds, and sunflower seeds. It also came with three dressings – sesame oil (super tasty), balsamic vinaigrette and thousand island dressing.

All of this for 35k rph is one of the best value for money meals I’ve had. Let alone given the setting it was in.


In the garden there is an unexpected swimming pool. It seems Sari Bamboo has some accommodation at the back which this is part of. I chose to sit at a table right next to the pool. It felt very serene and away from the road I’d just walked in from.

Image of table and chairs next to swimming pool at Siri Bamboo
Outside seating area next to the pool – very relaxing

There’s also a large bench/sofa around a big table in the garden area, as well as tables inside, overlooking the pool, or in the arty area.

Image of indoor seating at Sari Bamboo
Indoor seating area at Sari Bamboo

The pool, garden and paintings really add an artistic, serene feel to the place. It had a lot of character and was an atmosphere that I really enjoy working in. Laid-back yet not too lethargic!

Image of garden seating area at siri bamboo
Garden seating outside


There are 3 different wifi networks to connect to here. Whilst I was there I used two of them and they were both pretty good. It was great to sit and work here at the large tables and straight backed chairs. I stayed for a few hours and wasn’t disturbed.

The toilet is perhaps the only downside to this place. It was outside at the front of the building and was blocked and had no soap. Hopefully this was a one-off though!

Overall I was really impressed with this place. The menu has plenty of vegetarian options and at really good prices. The staff were kind enough, but mostly left me to my own devices, which I appreciated.


Yellow Flower Ubud

Image of Yellow Flower Cafe sign

Yellow Flower Ubud:

  • Mellow Yellow Smoothie Bowl + Rainbow Salad
  • Price: 55k + 37k (+10% tax)
  • Score 7/10
  • January 23rd, 2017

Yellow Flower is my favourite restaurant in Ubud that I’ve been to so far. Mainly because of the lovely setting and ambience, but the food is pretty good too. The menu is mostly vegetarian, with the option to add chicken to just one or two of the dishes, strangely.


In true Ubud spirit, I went for an oh-so-pretentious Smoothie Bowl. I think this is the first one I’ve ever had, despite the crazy instagram trend that happened last year. So here it is… The Mellow Yellow Smoothie Bowl, 55k.

Image of Mellow Yellow Smoothie Bowl with strawberries, granola, jack fruit, cashew nuts, coconut, tamarind and chia
Mellow Yellow Smoothie Bowl: turmeric, chia, banana, pineapple, sago, jackfruit, cashews, coconut, strawberries topped with crunchy granola

The Mellow Yellow Smoothie Bowl reads – turmeric, chia, banana, pineapple, sago, jackfruit, mango, ginger, cashews, and coconut, topped with crunchy granola and fruit. I think I had most of those in mine, minus the mango and ginger, but strawberries instead. I assume it’s whatever seasonal fruit they have available.

I’m beginning to realise I eat with my eyes. The smoothie bowl looked pretty small when it arrived and having my usual-ravenous appetite I thought I would, once again, be left hungry after.

Image of yellow mellow smoothie bowl with another empty bowl underneath
A smoothie bowl on top of an empty bowl

That was not the case at the Yellow Flower. The smoothie itself was pretty filling, add to that strawberries, coconut and jackfruit and it’s a pretty sweet option. I loved the granola and there was plenty of it.

Next up was the Rainbow Salad with abundant raw veg, sprouts, green kimchi with live dressing’ whilst my friend went for the Super Salad with organic salad greens, radish, tempeh, seeds, carrots, nuts, beans and kimchi.

Image of Rainbow salad and Super Salad with salad greens and a number of different toppings on each
Rainbow Salad (left) and Super Salad (right)

The Super Salad clearly has more to it, and if it’s only going to be a salad you’re eating I’d say go for that one. That said, both salads had a lot of flavour, and I particularly enjoyed the green kimchi.


Yellow Flower, located in Penestanan, away from the business of Ubud centre, sits atop some pretty demanding steps. But that means it has a beautiful view of lush greenery and treetops once you get there. Even during rainy season…

Image of table and yellow umbrella against backdrop of greenery at Yellow Flower Vegetarian cafe
The view from Yellow Flower Cafe

Wifi and Work

The cafe is one large bamboo hut with both tables and floor seating. During the day it gets really busy which gives it a nice, bustling yet chilled atmosphere. It does mean that you may end up sharing tables with new guests though as there isn’t all that much seating available.

Image of indoor table seats at Yellow Flower Cafe
Indoor table seats at Yellow Flower before it got busy

That also makes it not the best place to work. I stayed for a couple of hours whilst it was quieter in the morning. Around lunch time and early afternoon it was so busy I felt it was probably rude to sit and work on my laptop having already eaten my food.

That said, whilst I was working there were others doing the same, and plenty of people hanging out, reading, or chilling with friends. It seems to be a place people like to stay a while, and is definitely worth enjoying the atmosphere and view. The servers are friendly as in most places.
Whilst I was there the wifi was good. I was only doing basic stuff but I had no issues. The wifi is only available until 5.30pm though. Or at least that’s what it says in the menu: ‘Free wifi available until 5.30pm’. I was here in the evening at around 7pm and the wifi was still working but I did see one of the servers switch it off at around 8pm. I’m not really sure what the deal is with that.


Kafe Ubud

Image of kafe restaurant from outside

Kafe Ubud:

  • Vegan Burger + Big Salad bowl + Nasi Goreng + Vietnamese Spring rolls
  • Price: 57k + 59k + 39k + 37k ( + 10% tax + 5% service)
  • Total: 220k
  • Score: 5/10
  • February 6th, 2017

Kafe is a trendy spot, popular amongst the ‘Digital Nomads’ and laptop brigade. It also received 2nd place for ‘Best Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurant’ in 2016, so we thought we’d check it out.


The menu is pretty extensive, with ‘Bread food’ (sandwiches), ‘Bowl food’ (salads and soups) and traditional vegan Indonesian dishes.

On recommendation from the waitress I chose the vegan burger.

Image of vegan cashew nut burger and shitaake musrooms at kafe, ubud
Vegan burger; ground cashew nut, shitaake mushrooms and seeds in a gluten free wrap

The vegan burger was made from ground cashew nut, shiitake mushroom and seeds in a gluten free pita. It was more like a wrap than a burger, but it was really tasty. The salad and avocado was good. Not the most filling meal ever.  I’d recommend getting a side or starter as well.

Image of vegan burger with cashew nut and shitaake mushrooms and salad at kafe, ubud
Vegan burger with salad and avocado at Kafe

My friend ordered ‘Meg’s Big Salad Bowl’.

Image of vegan big salad bowl with tempeh, dressing and bread at Kafe, ubud
Meg’s Big Salad Bowl plus added tempeh in a tahini-lime dressing

Meg’s Big Salad Bowl looks really impressive in the photo, but my friend had ordered extra tempeh to be added on top, so this came at an extra cost.

On the menu, the salad bowl said it contained “every veggie under the sun”, with tofu-tempeh, toasted seeds and a tahini-lime dressing.

Rez was massively disappointed with the salad. In complete contrast to the menu description, there were no veggies at all, just greens and tempeh. The tempeh she had added extra was also pretty greasy as it was deep-fried. Her opinion was that she wouldn’t come back.

Rez’s Mum went for the traditional Nasi Goreng and vietnamese spring rolls. The spring rolls came with a peanut sauce which she didn’t really like, and said the rolls were really bland. I had a taste of them and I actually liked them. They were pretty bland but healthy and simple.

Image of vegan nasi goreng with rice crackers at Kafe, ubud
Nasi Goreng; vegan fried rice with tofu, cashew nuts, salad and rice crackers

The vegan fried rice came with cashew nuts, tofu, spinach and rice crackers. The fried rice was good, and not too greasy.

Overall I enjoyed my meal but my friends weren’t too impressed.


Kafe has both upstairs and downstairs seating, so it’s a large place. There are tables indoors and outdoor, on the terrace upstairs. It’s a nice relaxed setting, with both tables and floor seats.

It certainly seems like a place people come to work. They even have a ‘meeting room’ that can be rented out for business.

The service was slow and not the most attentive but there were no real problems either.

Image of indoor seating upstairs at kafe, ubud
Indoor seating upstairs at Kafe


The Wifi was strong and fairly fast here. There are 2 different connections for upstairs and downstairs, with Skype only available on the second floor. We sat upstairs so I connected to Kafe 2, which I assume is the better connection.

Final Thoughts

Kafe has a promising menu which didn’t really deliver. The costs are a little on the pricey side but may be worth it if you choose to work there for a few hours.

Veggie Karma Ubud

Image of veggie karma restaurant sign in ubud

Veggie Karma Ubud:

  • Pumpkin in Coconut + Gado Gado (Indonesian salad)
  • Price: 50k + 40k (+10% tax)
  • Score: 5/10
  • February 13th, 2017

Veggie Karma in Ubud stands out a mile with it’s bright neon sign, located just across the street from The Yoga Barn.


As the name suggests, Veggie Karma serves only vegan and vegetarian food.

The menu is fairly small, but by no means limited. Salads, soups, rice and noodle dishes, chef specials and house specials – I struggled to decide.

My friend opted for Gado Gado and on recommendation I chose a chef’s special; “stewed pumpkin in coconut sauce”.

Image of Indonesian salad with peanut sauce at Veggie Karma, ubud
Gado Gado: tempeh, tofu, tomato, green beans, noodles and boiled egg in peanut sauce

The Gado Gado was a little different to other varieties I’ve had as they covered the salad in peanut sauce before serving. Most I’ve had provide the peanut sauce in a separate bowl. My friend Nish probably would have preferred this as he found the sauce a little heavy. That said, it was enjoyed regardless.

Image of pumpkin coconut curry in hot pot at veggie karma ubud
Pumpkin stewed in coconut sauce: coconut milk, carrot, pumpkin and onions at Veggie Karma.

As for my stewed pumpkin in coconut sauce, it was definitely nourishing, but as a chef’s special, somewhat bland. The curry had just pumpkin and carrot. It would have benefited from some herbs in the coconut curry to add a little more flavour. Rice also has to be ordered separately.

Although it didn’t blow me away, there were definitely other options on the menu that I would like to try. A family eating next to us seemed to have chosen some better dishes than we did! The food was high quality however, just not to our specific tastes. 

The prices are really reasonable, with the house specials averaging around 40,000 idr and most other dishes around 50,000 idr.


Veggie Karma is opposite the large supermarket, Coco Mart, and The Yoga Barn, which is a very busy area of town. But once inside it feels very relaxed, quiet and serene.

As we went for dinner, it was dark outside and the lighting was very ambient. The decor is sweet and the place has a somewhat romantic feel to it.

Image of tables and chairs inside veggie karma ubud
Ambient lighting and cozy seating inside Veggie Karma
Image of seating, tables and chairs inside veggie karma ubud
A small, intimate restaurant with a romantic feel


You’ll find the wifi password on the tissue boxes – something I always appreciate. Whilst here the wifi connected but I didn’t use it for any real purposes.

Final Thoughts

A sweet restaurant with an enticing menu. If you’re looking for an atmospheric place to eat this is it. That said, if you’re ravenously hungry, there’s a great vegan buffet practically next door – all you can eat – for 50,000 IDR too. 

Dragonfly Cafe Ubud

Image of dragonfly cafe sign

Dragonfly Cafe Ubud

  • Dragonfly Garden Salad + Choco Banana Lover Smoothie
  • 45k + 35k (tax included)
  • Score: 10/10
  • February 7th, 2017

Dragonfly Cafe Ubud is part of a beautiful resort, sat in the middle of rice fields and lush greenery. It’s a beautiful walk to get there, and not far from Ubud Palace.

Along the path there are several restaurants and warungs, but this place looked by far the most inviting. Even better, it is a completely vegetarian kitchen. All food can be made vegan and gluten free on request.



Some of the favourites recommended to me were:

  •  Tempeh Burger w/ cashew sauce and sweet potato fries
  • Dragonfly Garden Salad – fresh greens from the garden
  • Dragonfly Vegan/Vegetarian Pizza – best seller
  • Their number one smoothie, Choco Banana Lover

I took the smoothie to begin with. Creamy coconut, banana, cacao and vanilla, this was the best smoothie I’ve had in Ubud.

Glass with chocolate banana smoothie and fresh mint at Dragonfly Cafe Ubud
BEST Smoothie in Ubud: Choco Banana Lover at Dragonfly Cafe

It was so chocolate-y and creamy, with a splash of vanilla and fresh mint on top. Delicious!

Later I opted for the Dragonfly Garden Salad. Fresh greens from the garden, with a choice of dressing; tahini, passion fruit or vinaigrette. Again, on recommendation I had the tahini dressing.

Image of plate of salad with greens, avocado, tomato, beetroot and carrot, with tahini side dressing
Dragonfly Garden Salad – fresh greens from the garden, avocado, carrot, beetroot, tomato, cucumber and herbs with a tahini dressing on the side

The salad was also a hit. The veggies were fresh and for 45k rph, it’s hard to beat on price too. The salad consisted of avocado, tomato, cucumber, carrot, beetroot, cabbage, sunflower sprouts, lettuce, and fresh herbs. The tahini dressing is a must-try.



When I arrived I was the only one in this cafe, so I had the place to myself. It’s set upstairs, overlooking endless rice fields, and the resort below.

There is a large table in the middle, with chairs, and lower tables with floor cushions around the edges.

Image of seating at Dragonfly Cafe, tables and chairs
Atmospheric seating with an incredible view at Dragonfly Cafe

The entire place is very serene. I sat there for hours simply admiring the view, and the quiet. It’s the perfect place to read a book or sit with friends.

Whilst I was at the cafe the rain came down and so they drew some heavy bamboo curtains to stop the rain coming in. It was all very cosy and idyllic. I felt like I had been transported far from the busy streets of Ubud, which were really just a 10 minute walk away.  

Image of seating with beautiful view over rice paddies at Dragonfly Cafe
More seating with beautiful views


Whilst I was here the wifi was excellent. The signal was strong and as it’s a resort I’m guessing it has to be pretty reliable. There are also plenty of plug sockets dotted around the edges of the cafe. The perfect place to come and work for a few hours in peace and quiet.


The staff here were absolutely lovely. When I arrived the manager, Pei told me all the best recommendations, asked me about my trip to Ubud.

She asked if I would like a tour around the resort. She showed me around the entire place, including their incredible yoga shala at the bottom of the garden. The staff who served me were also very polite and friendly.


As an added bonus, on a few nights of the week Dragonfly Village host a steam sauna evening from 6pm-9pm. You can go there to use their herbal steam sauna, and take a dip in the salt water pool. If you eat at the restaurant afterwards you’ll also receive 10% off your food bill. Tickets for the sauna evening and salt pool cost 70,000 idr per person.

Image of salt water swimming pool at Dragonfly Village Resort
Salt Water Swimming Pool at Dragonfly Village Resort and Cafe

Final Thoughts

Dragonfly Cafe is part of Dragonfly Village Resort. It’s actually along the same path to the much celebrated Sari Organik. But, I found Sari Organik t to be much busier, and the menu wasn’t very appealing for vegan/vegetarian choices. I turned and came back to dragonfly cafe. This was a much better choice.

I can’t get over how reasonable the prices are here too, given the atmosphere, and quality. I can’t wait to come back.

Sawobali Cake & Coffee Shop Ubud

Image of poster outside Sawobali that reads 'Daily Vegan Buffet'

Sawobali Cake & Coffee Shop, Ubud:

  • Vegan Buffet + Vegan, gluten-free cake, Banana & Passionfruit
  • Price: 50k + 23k
  • Score: 9/10
  • February 1st, 2017

Not far from The Yoga Barn, this little place has a giant sign which is exactly the type of thing I like seeing hanging over restaurants.  It’s cheap and it’s good.

The sign says that the buffet is daily, costs 50k IDRand goes from 1pm, but I found that it wasn’t always ready at the posted time.  They also have a full menu of vegan indonesian meals, but the prices are kinda crappy when compared to the buffet.  Also, if you order off the menu, they charge you for water.  

Image of chalkboard with vegan menu items written on at Sawobali ubud
Vegan Menu Items and prices at Sawobali

The buffet often has the same foods, though sometimes will change. Along with a daily soup, and mixed rice there are usually 8 choices:

Image of 8 vegan food choices for the vegan buffet at sawobali
Tempeh, banana blossom, sweet potato and veggies, greens, tofu scramble, banana shoot and green beans


It was all delicious. I’m not usually a fan of tofu scramble but the waitress recommended I try it, and it was super tasty. The greens, as always were my favourite.

As for the cake… they have a good selection of vegan, gluten-free cakes (the ones in the bottom of the display counter only). These included Banana and Passionfruit, Pandan and Mung bean, Lemon drizzle, Caramel cake and Coconut cake.

Image of cake display counter showing vegan gluten free cakes at Sawobali ubud
Display counter for cakes – only the bottom row are vegan (and gluten free)

Unable to decide between them all as usual, I asked the waitress which the best one was. Without hesitation she answered “Banana and Passionfruit” so that’s what I took. After a stealthy 30min walk home I devoured the cake. It was really sweet and gooey and you could definitely taste the fruit. I think this is the best cake I’ve had in ubud, and I’ve tried a lot! It’s also a pretty good price at 23k idr.


Sawobali is a very small shop. Inside you’ll find the buffet on the left, a large table next to it and some smaller (individual sized) tables on the right. There’s a few small tables outside too.

Image of inside sawobali with buffet on the left and long table and chairs in the middle
Inside Sawobali is pretty small. Buffet on the left, one long table in the middle and some individual tables along the wall and outside

When I arrived I was the only person there, but I can imagine it gets very crowded even with two or three people. It’s also pretty hot inside. If you want to sit outside best not to go with a large group.


There is wifi here, surprisingly. Whilst I was here the wifi worked well. But again, I would not choose this as a place to sit and work or use a laptop. It’s far too small and crowded.

Final Thoughts

This is one of the best value meals I’ve had here. Rivaling only Bamboo Spirit’s vegan buffet by donation. The only reason I couldn’t give it 10/10 was due to the seating arrangements. Other than that, the food is spot on.

Bamboo Spirit Ubud

Bamboo Spirit logo

Bamboo Spirit Ubud:

  • Vegan Buffet
  • Price: By donation
  • Score: 10/10
  • January 22nd, 2017

Bamboo Spirit is an open space for all sorts of events here in Ubud, Penestanan. Every Sunday they have a Vegan buffet, by donation, between 12pm and 3pm.

Image of Vegan Buffet options with yellow rice, asian salad, pumpkin, tempeh, artichoke and cabbage
Vegan Buffet options; Curried Tempeh, Pumpkin, Asian Salad, Shredded Cabbage, Artichoke Hearts and Yellow Rice


With food being a top attraction here, a buffet by donation seemed too good to be true. Yet, here it is.

Image of asian salad, pumpkin and a bowl of tempeh buffet options
Pumpkin, Tempeh, Veggies and Button Mushroom

The buffet options were even better than I expected. Nutritious, healthy, quality food. Some of the options were; spiced tempeh in some sort of curry/turmeric mix, asian salad with button mushrooms, artichoke hearts, pumpkin, shredded cabbage, steamed veggies and yellow rice.

Image of Banana leaf topped with yellow rice, pumpkin, artichoke, mushroom and salad
A very messy plate of vegan buffet food

It was all delicious. My particular favourite were the artichoke hearts and spiced tempeh. There’s also tea on offer too.

Although I don’t usually like buffets so much – (I overeat, I can’t help it), this was hands down one of the best meals I’ve had here in Ubud. For the quality of the food and also the environment.

I expected this place to be crowded on Sunday. In my mind this is where I’d meet the Ubud community. I couldn’t have been more wrong. The place was almost empty when we arrived at around 12.45. It didn’t get much busier whilst we were there.

Image of inside Bamboo Spirit, with a communal table and chairs
Seating inside Bamboo Spirit

The buffet was held inside, with some floor seating and a large communal table. Outside, down a few steps, there is a lovely courtyard area which has more tables and floor seating, the kind that resembles a four-poster bed with drapes and curtains for decoration.

Image of outdoor courtyard at Bamboo Spirit
The outdoor courtyard at Bamboo Spirit; more tables and floor seating

It felt very relaxed and peaceful. It is an open space without any fans, so I imagine it can get pretty humid. Fortunately, the day I went there was a slight breeze.

There is no wifi here which made it a lovely place to just chill out with a friend. We stayed for a few hours and felt very comfortable there. We were left completely to our own devices and probably could have stayed all afternoon had we wanted to.

Buffet’s seem to be a common theme here, many cafe’s and even yoga studios offer weekend buffets for somewhere in the range of 75k and up. Bamboo Spirit offer their buffet every Sunday, and it looks like this has been running for a few years.
I would highly recommend coming and supporting this community space. The food was delicious and the environment tranquil. Just remember to clean up after yourselves!

Lazy Cats Cafe Ubud

Stairs with 'lazy cats' painted on at lazy cats vegetarian cafe

Lazy Cats Cafe, Ubud:

  • Green Smoothie Bowl, Avocado Hummus Pita, Scrambled Eggs and Tempeh BBQ Wrap
  • Price: 50k + 45k + 50k + 60k  (tax and service charges included)
  • Score: 7/10
  • February 1st, 2017

One of the coolest cafes in Ubud, hands down. Lazy Cats Vegetarian Cafe is laid-back, sophisticated, and immensely charming.

More of a cafe than a full blown restaurant, Lazy Cats has a humble yet mouth-watering menu. From smoothie bowls to soups, salads and wraps, this is an excellent example of a smaller, more thoughtful menu. Every item sounds so good.

I’ve eaten here on a couple of occasions already, and plan to come back again!

First was a brunch date with a friend. I chose the Green Smoothie Bowl and he had ‘Eggs, any style’.

smoothie bowl with fruit, and scrambled eggs on toast with avocado, spinach and sundried tomatoes
Scrambled eggs with toast, avocado, sun dried tomatoes and dip and a Green smoothie bowl with seasonal fruit and cacao

My smoothie bowl was made with homemade cashew coco-milk, seasonal fruits, seeds, coconut and cacao nibs. It was everything you would want a smoothie bowl to be. There was definitely a much more generous serving of fruit in this smoothie bowl than other places i’ve been here. Always a welcome bonus.

Scott had his eggs scrambled and I was really impressed with his dish. A large hunk of toast, spinach, sundried tomatoes, avocado and a dip of his choosing – tahini lemon parsley. The other dips are cashew cheese or salsa de mango.

Brunch is most definitely the best option here! They even have a breakfast smoothie with an espresso shot, banana, peanut butter, dates, cinnamon and soy milk. I just need to come back early enough in the day so I can have coffee and give this a try. They also have soy and cashew milk for an extra 5k making it the perfect vegan coffee shop!

A few days later I came back for lunch with another friend. This time I went for the Avocado Hummus Pita, and she chose the Tempeh BBQ wrap.

Pita bread with avocado hummus mushroom and tomato
Avocado Hummus Pita with raw mushroom, sun dried tomato, salad and chia vinaigrette

Definitely more of a light snack than a filling meal but the Avo Hummus was delicious. The salad had a nice balsamic chia seed dressing with raw mushrooms and sun dried tomatoes. This meal was slightly cheaper at 45k but not nearly as filling as the others.

The most expensive meals on the menu are 60k. One of those being the Tempeh BBQ Wrap.

Vegetarian wrap with vegetables and BBQ sauce, with a side of carrot and sauce
Tempeh BBQ Wrap: Tempeh, greens, peppers and carrots

This was the most hearty meal out of all and very tasty if you’re a fan of BBQ sauce. It seemed like one of the less healthy options but still pretty good with tempeh, greens, peppers and carrots.

Prices here are really reasonable. They are also one of the few places where the government tax and service charge is included in the price you see, which makes it even more affordable and slightly cheaper than other places of a similar standard.

Easily the most ‘home-away-from-home’ cafe I’ve been to in Ubud and I’ve fallen a little in love with the pink, mismatched chairs and decor.

Chairs, sofas, small tables and lights inside Lazy Cats Vegetarian Cafe
Mismatched pink decor to fall in love with

As far as the wifi’s concerned, the first time it was great. The second was a little slow with images on webpages taking a little longer to load. I did still manage to watch a few YouTube videos with only a few instances of buffering. That said it had also been raining non-stop for a couple of days and even the wifi at our house (really fast, strong fiber internet) had been having issues so it’s a little unfair to judge Lazy Cats on this instance.

In terms of atmosphere and ambience, you should probably schedule in a few hours for this place. You may not want to leave those comfy sofas. With an open window and veranda terrace this place is a must-visit.


Warung Sopa Ubud

Image of Warung Sopa sign outside the restaurant in ubud

Warung Sopa Ubud:

  • Nasi Campur ( rice + a number of veggie toppings)
  • Price: 43k
  • Score: 9/10
  • February 2nd, 2017

Warung Sopa is a completely vegetarian cafe in the centre of Ubud. I’d heard this was the best place to try the traditional Nasi Campur dish, and I was excited to do so!


There are a number of menu options, from soups and salads to Japanese influenced dishes, but I couldn’t have anything other than the Nasi Campur.

Nasi Campur varies from place to place, and I’m not sure there’s any ‘correct’ way of doing it. But Warung Sopa has to be one of the best. Here you get a plate of rice (7000 rph) and add as many toppings as you wish (9000 rph each).

The toppings are all showcased in a counter display, whatever they have available at that time or day.

Image of vegetarian food toppings in display counter at Warung Sopa
Nasi Campur toppings at Warung Sopa
Image of vegetarian toppings for nasi campur at warung sopa
Banana flower, green veggies in kinako sauce, ratatouille, sambal (at the back)
Image of vegetarian toppings for nasi campur at warung sopa
Tempeh, spanish potato omelette, cripsy tofu miso cubes, crispy zucchini miso

When I arrived they were still making some of the options, such as the egg plant curry, as they’d ran out earlier in the day. Still, there was plenty to choose from. It also meant the toppings are fresh, as they’re made in small batches and re-made throughout the day.

Out of all the choices I managed to whittle it down to 4; tempeh, veggies in the Bali curry of the day, kimchee spring roll, and green veggies in kinako sauce.

This was all served with two sides of Sambal – incredibly spicy sauce to set your food on fire. If you can handle spice, you will love this.

Image of nasi campur with rice, tempeh, kimchee roll and green vegetables with samba
My choice for Nasi Campur. Rice with tempeh, kimchee roll, greens with kinako sauce, curry of the day and two sides of sambal

All of it was simply incredible. If I had to pick I would say the kimchee roll was my least favourite. It’s a tough choice between the other three for my most favourite. The tempeh was crunchy and delicious, and a large serving of it too.

The greens in kinako sauce were smooth and creamy. Tasty okara in miso sauce. I highly recommend this one. The curry of the day was also delicious. It all tasted incredibly healthy, and I’m sure it is.

The sambal was perhaps the best part. I am a huge lover of spicy food and I threw it all over my plate. Definitely not for the faint-hearted.


Warung Sopa have a large range of healthy hot and cold drinks. I chose a tumeric tea, for 15k rph. I quite enjoyed it, but it really is just turmeric and hot water. My friend tried it and basically choked it down.

Image of pot of turmeric tea, brown sugar and glass at warung sopa
Turmeric tea with brown sugar at Warung Sopa


Warung Sopa has a full fridge of vegan cakes. More than I’ve seen in other places, which are usually a mix of vegan and non-vegan options. Some of the options here were snakefruit apple pie and vegan mango cheesecake. All for a great price too – between 17k – 19k rph. (The raw cakes were slightly more expensive).

Image of fridge full of vegan cakes at warung sopa
Vegan Cakes: Vegan snake skin fruit pie, vegan lime pie, vegan coconut pie, vegan chocolate coconut pie and raw chocolate cakes too

Atmosphere + Wifi

Warung Sopa is a relaxed, laid-back cafe. It has an open store-front, plenty of seating options, and even a ‘kids corner’ for the little ones.

The wifi was reliable whilst I was here and I was also surprised to find a plug underneath my table. I was able to sit here and work into the evening, in an environment that was perfect for me.

Image of indoor seating, tables and chairs at Warung Sopa
Plenty of places to sit and enjoy a meal, or hang out with friends.

Final Thoughts

Far less pretentious than some of the other vegetarian/vegan cafes around Ubud, the food at Warung Sopa is cheaper and the quality is higher. Definitely a must-visit.