True Coffee in Yangon

True Coffee Yangon

My first night in Yangon I happened to be staying around the corner from True Coffee.  I’ve been to a few of them in Thailand, but they aren’t my goto spot.  It seemed like it was a bit further down Nawaday street than where it was marked on Google Maps.  It also didn’t have any signs sticking out, so you won’t be able to see it until you are on right on top of it.

I had a regular sized iced americano.  It was 4,300 kyat which seemed mighty expensive for Myanmar.  it’s about 1300 mmk to a USD (Nov 2016) so that’s around $3.30 USD.

Wifi Speed: Decent (for Myanmar) 1.5 mbps / .4 mbps.  In reality, loading web pages was ok.  I downloaded the photos for this post and it took over 2 minutes to download a 2mb file.  Youtube was semi-watchable, but there were times I’d need to pause to let it load for a bit.

Seats: There were some lounge chairs in addition to the ones in the photo above.  It was pretty comfortable.

Outlets: There were a reasonable amount of outlets.  Each small seating area had a one plug outlet and the communal table had 2 outlets for 7 seats.  It’s fine if you are solo, but if a few people piled into one table, there wouldn’t be enough to go around.

True Coffee Yangon
Communal working table at True Coffee Yangon