The Elephant Ubud

Image of a blackboard with an elephant image, reading Welcome to the Elephant

The Elephant Ubud:

  • White Tiger Salad + Kombucha
  • Price: 65k + 55k
  • Score: 6/10
  • January 22nd, 2017

Next on my tour of fancy restaurants in Ubud was The Elephant. This is another upscale restaurant which focuses on being environmentally aware and ethical. All of their food is vegetarian with both vegan and gluten free options.

The Food:

The Elephant have a range of mains such as polenta, spaghetti, gnocci, pad thai, and noodle soups. They also have a selection of salads as well as entrees, sides and desserts.

The Salad menu looked most appealing. I went for a White Tiger Salad with greens, roast pumpkin, sesame, carrot, tempeh, pickled ginger, edamame, nori and cucumber, for 65k. (Their website currently says 55k but the prices must have increased and not been updated online.) The Elephant is one of the places that doesn’t add the government tax or service charge at the end. It seems the government tax (10%) is included in the menu pricing, which actually makes this place a little better priced than some of the other fancy restaurants.  

Image of White Tiger Salad at The Elephant Restaurant, ubud
White Tiger Salad with greens, roast pumpkin, sesame, carrot, tempeh, pickled ginger, edamame, nori and cucumber

I enjoyed the salad and found it had a lot more taste to others I’ve had in Ubud, probably thanks to the pickled ginger. With the roasted pumpkin it felt more substantial. The tempeh was tasty but there wasn’t so much of it, just a few thin slices. The dressing was a bit too oily for my liking so I used it very lightly. The White Tiger Salad came with a ginger/lime dressing.

We also opted for a bottle of Kombucha which was 55k for 650ml, enough to get two glasses from. The ginger kombucha had a good kick to it and was my favourite. The roselle was a more gentle taste. Both were good but not the best Kombucha we’ve had in Ubud.

The atmosphere at The Elephant Restaurant was typical of a fancy restaurant, relaxed yet not too hippie-chill style. There were a number of people there when we arrived but it still remained quiet and peaceful.

Image of seating area inside the Elephant restaurant
Indoor Seating Area at The Elephant Restaurant

Atmosphere and Wifi:

The Elephant has an incredible view over the Tjampuhan Ridge in Bali, which is a beautiful highlight of this place. It does mean that the two sofas in the corners are regarded as the ‘best seats in the house’ and to sit there a 1 hour time limit applies, unless you spend at least 200k rupiah per hour. This felt a little unwelcoming but actually, I think that may apply more in high season. My friend and I sat in one of these corner spots, probably for a little over an hour and we weren’t asked to purchase anything more. By that time it had gotten a lot quieter though.

Image of the view from The Elephant on a rainy, cloudy day
The view over Tjampuhan Ridge, not so clear on a rainy day

The staff and service at The Elephant was one of the highlights of eating there. Our server was incredibly smiley and happy. In fact, all of the staff there were very welcoming and friendly.
The day we went our server told us the wifi signal wasn’t very good. I’m starting to expect little from most places in terms of wifi. It seems to be a given that places don’t have a very strong signal. This wouldn’t be a place I would recommend to sit and work at. I’m not sure it woud be welcomed.

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