Vegan Food in Bacolod: A Vegetable Wasteland

Finding vegan food in Bacolod (or anywhere in the Philippines) is tough.  No really, it’s a nightmare.  Happy Cow says there are 3 places in Bacolod.  I’ve been to 2 so far and they leave a lot to be desired.  Like taste and vegetables.

The supermarket had entire aisles devoted to different types of treats: Wafers, puffs, chocolate drinks, etc.  It was horrible.

Chocolate drink aisle at supermarket in Bacolod.
An aisle for chocolate drinks, an aisle for puffs. Where are the vegetables?

Veggie Bites 

  • Location: Bacolod, Philippines (3rd floor food court at Robinson’s Mall)
  • Date: Sunday, Oct 23rd, 2016

Round 1:

  • Food: Budget Meal (2 scoops of goop!)
  • Cost: 75 Pesos
  • Dish Rating: 4/10

The first time I went there, it was pretty quiet and there were only 3 options to choose from.  I had the “budget meal” which comes with 2 items with rice.  None of them looked terribly appetizing.  The price was 85 pesos for everything below including the drink.  I’m not entirely sure what it was.  They called it juice.  It was a little sweet, but pretty drinkable.  I couldn’t identify it.  Somewhere between iced tea and juice, maybe.  Here’s what we’re dealing with:

Vegan meal at Veggie Bites, a vegan restaurant in Bacolod, Philippines.
The “budget meal” at Veggie Bites in Bacolod.

As far as ingredients, it was mostly fake meat.  I think the white one on top right was textured protein while the bottom one looked like tofu, but tasted more like a mushroom-based fake meats in a sweet and sour sauce.  There were a few bits of vegetables, but that’s it.  It was cold, so-so as far as flavour goes, but I devoured it quickly as it was the first vegan safe thing I found.  

Round 2:

I ended up back at Veggie Bites again the next day in the hopes that there would be more choices on a weekday.  Yesterday was a Sunday and I wondered if maybe that’s why there were only 3 choices.  Today was slightly better.  The staff again steered me towards the budget meal.  I’m not sure if the wall menu is a total lie, but I don’t think they will cook you anything fresh.  There were 5 different types of goop today and some spring rolls.

The budget meal was 85 + 16 for the 2 spring rolls.  

  • Food: Budget Meal + 2 Spring rolls
  • Total Cost: 101
  • Dish Rating: 4/10
Vegan meal at Veggie Bites, a vegan restaurant in Bacolod, Philippines.
The 2nd round of a “budget meal” at Veggie Bites with spring rolls in Bacolod.

The spring rolls were cold, but tasted fine.  I’m not entirely sure what was in them as I ate them in like 3 seconds, but I think there may have been some bits of potato.  They did warm up the plate a bit this time.  

I ended up with the same sweet and sour goop as yesterday as well as a green curry.  They called it curry, but I think peanut sauce would be more accurate.  The fake meat in that dish was definitely textured protein.  There were some long beans in it, but still light on the veggies.  It was edible, and it went down easy.  You gotta take what you can get when travelling in the islands of meatopia.  

Round 3: I’m back again!

  • Food: Budget Meal + 2 Spring rolls
  • Total Cost: 101
  • Dish Rating: 7.5/10

I finally scored this time.  There was like 10 options including some massive eggplant-y things that were cut to look like fish.

Vegan food in Bacolod.
I finally hit the veggie jackpot and will survive another day.

This was by far the best meal I’ve had in Bacolod.  The top left item was tofu with mouse-ear mushrooms in a very mild red sauce.  It was kinda like sweet and sour, but much milder flavour than the other times I had a similar sauce.  The middle one was mainly beansprouts and it was super good.  The tofu-y looking stuff on the right was tiny tofu cubes mixed in with some other type of veggie protein.  All 3 were really good.

Here’s the cost break-down:


Receipt for vegan mean at Veggie Bites, Bacolod.
No budget meal here folks.


  • Location: Bacolod, Philippines (888 Chinatown Square mall)
  • Date: Tuesday, Oct 25th, 2016
  • Food: Budget Meal (2 items + rice)
  • Cost: 75 Pesos
  • Dish Rating: 5/10

This one was a bit tricky to find.  The 888 mall is split so that it lays on 2 sides of a street.  The stall is on the east side which is the older building.  If you go up to the 2nd floor and head straight back and to the the right, you’ll find it.  This place is actually vegetarian so if something might normally have dairy or egg in it, it’s best to ask to be sure.

They also had a “budget meal” which was 75 pesos for 2 items with rice.  One of the items was pretty goopy and had some bitter gourd in it along with some textured protein.  The other was a very Chinese-y stir-fry made up of almost entirely vegetables!  It had Chinese celery, a tiny bit of bean sprouts and a lone piece of tofu seemed to have slipped in there as well.

Meal at vegetarian food stall - Veggielicious in Bacolod, Philippines.
A budget meal with some extras at Veggielicious.

The rice looks weird because it was red rice and pretty dried out.  It tasted fine though.  The Chinese celery based dish was pretty good, the goopy bitter gourd stuff was less so. The roll thing was really more of a tiny wrap.  It wasn’t fried and it was full of vegetables.  The only downside was that it was super sweet which I’m not a fan of.

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