Vegan Heaven

Image of restaurant sign that reads Vegan Heaven, by Taste from Heaven
Vegan Heaven Restaurant Sign

Vegan Heaven, Chiang Mai:

  • Vegan BLT + Fresh Spring Rolls
  • Price: 105 baht + 75 baht
  • Score: 3/10
  • December 9th, 2016

Vegan Heaven had just opened on the day I went for dinner. There was quite a hype about it within the vegan community so a few friends and I thought we’d check it out. Unfortunately, it didn’t impress us very much.

Everything on the menu is vegan. They offer vegan Thai dishes and Western dishes such as the BLT which use vegan chicken, vegan bacon, and vegan cheese.

The menu looks pretty good, and my friends were especially excited about the Western food options. The BLT had been recommended to us so that’s what I went for. I paid extra for an avocado side. 

Image of plate with Vegan BLT sandwich and a side of avocado
Vegan BLT with Avocado at Vegan Heaven

As you can probably see from the picture, it was a lot of bread. In fact, it was mostly just bread and salad. I’m not sure what the vegan bacon was made from. It was a little salty and flavoursome but all in all, pretty disappointing. The fresh spring rolls were better, but it’s hard to go wrong with those.

Plate of six fresh spring rolls with dipping sauce and side salad
Fresh Spring Rolls at Vegan Heaven

I don’t usually like ‘‘fake meat’ so I wondered if I’d just made the wrong choice. However, my friend who has recently just become vegan, and still misses the taste of meat, ordered a chicken wrap. When it came it was small and expensive (around 140b).   

The hummus and salad wrap was better received but at 85b was also mostly salad with a little bit of hummus inside. We ordered some sushi rolls as a side dish and these were also small. A small piece of carrot and cucumber wrapped in a nori roll, with 2 pieces of pickled ginger, soy sauce and wasabi (75b).

I did wonder if perhaps just the Western food was disappointing and we should have stuck to Thai cuisine. But another friend left a plate of mushroom laab mostly uneaten. I tried some and it was very oily and bland.

It turns out that Vegan Heaven is an extension of another restaurant, Taste from Heaven, located in the old city. Had I have known this I may have reconsidered. Even though Taste from Heaven has a good rating on Trip Advisor and seems to be very popular, I was never very impressed and consider it to be an over-rated tourist trap.

Image of indoor and outdoor tables and chairs at Vegan Heaven
Indoor and Outdoor seating at Vegan Heaven

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