Veggie Karma Ubud

Image of veggie karma restaurant sign in ubud

Veggie Karma Ubud:

  • Pumpkin in Coconut + Gado Gado (Indonesian salad)
  • Price: 50k + 40k (+10% tax)
  • Score: 5/10
  • February 13th, 2017

Veggie Karma in Ubud stands out a mile with it’s bright neon sign, located just across the street from The Yoga Barn.


As the name suggests, Veggie Karma serves only vegan and vegetarian food.

The menu is fairly small, but by no means limited. Salads, soups, rice and noodle dishes, chef specials and house specials – I struggled to decide.

My friend opted for Gado Gado and on recommendation I chose a chef’s special; “stewed pumpkin in coconut sauce”.

Image of Indonesian salad with peanut sauce at Veggie Karma, ubud
Gado Gado: tempeh, tofu, tomato, green beans, noodles and boiled egg in peanut sauce

The Gado Gado was a little different to other varieties I’ve had as they covered the salad in peanut sauce before serving. Most I’ve had provide the peanut sauce in a separate bowl. My friend Nish probably would have preferred this as he found the sauce a little heavy. That said, it was enjoyed regardless.

Image of pumpkin coconut curry in hot pot at veggie karma ubud
Pumpkin stewed in coconut sauce: coconut milk, carrot, pumpkin and onions at Veggie Karma.

As for my stewed pumpkin in coconut sauce, it was definitely nourishing, but as a chef’s special, somewhat bland. The curry had just pumpkin and carrot. It would have benefited from some herbs in the coconut curry to add a little more flavour. Rice also has to be ordered separately.

Although it didn’t blow me away, there were definitely other options on the menu that I would like to try. A family eating next to us seemed to have chosen some better dishes than we did! The food was high quality however, just not to our specific tastes. 

The prices are really reasonable, with the house specials averaging around 40,000 idr and most other dishes around 50,000 idr.


Veggie Karma is opposite the large supermarket, Coco Mart, and The Yoga Barn, which is a very busy area of town. But once inside it feels very relaxed, quiet and serene.

As we went for dinner, it was dark outside and the lighting was very ambient. The decor is sweet and the place has a somewhat romantic feel to it.

Image of tables and chairs inside veggie karma ubud
Ambient lighting and cozy seating inside Veggie Karma
Image of seating, tables and chairs inside veggie karma ubud
A small, intimate restaurant with a romantic feel


You’ll find the wifi password on the tissue boxes – something I always appreciate. Whilst here the wifi connected but I didn’t use it for any real purposes.

Final Thoughts

A sweet restaurant with an enticing menu. If you’re looking for an atmospheric place to eat this is it. That said, if you’re ravenously hungry, there’s a great vegan buffet practically next door – all you can eat – for 50,000 IDR too. 

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