Warung Sopa Ubud

Image of Warung Sopa sign outside the restaurant in ubud

Warung Sopa Ubud:

  • Nasi Campur ( rice + a number of veggie toppings)
  • Price: 43k
  • Score: 9/10
  • February 2nd, 2017

Warung Sopa is a completely vegetarian cafe in the centre of Ubud. I’d heard this was the best place to try the traditional Nasi Campur dish, and I was excited to do so!


There are a number of menu options, from soups and salads to Japanese influenced dishes, but I couldn’t have anything other than the Nasi Campur.

Nasi Campur varies from place to place, and I’m not sure there’s any ‘correct’ way of doing it. But Warung Sopa has to be one of the best. Here you get a plate of rice (7000 rph) and add as many toppings as you wish (9000 rph each).

The toppings are all showcased in a counter display, whatever they have available at that time or day.

Image of vegetarian food toppings in display counter at Warung Sopa
Nasi Campur toppings at Warung Sopa
Image of vegetarian toppings for nasi campur at warung sopa
Banana flower, green veggies in kinako sauce, ratatouille, sambal (at the back)
Image of vegetarian toppings for nasi campur at warung sopa
Tempeh, spanish potato omelette, cripsy tofu miso cubes, crispy zucchini miso

When I arrived they were still making some of the options, such as the egg plant curry, as they’d ran out earlier in the day. Still, there was plenty to choose from. It also meant the toppings are fresh, as they’re made in small batches and re-made throughout the day.

Out of all the choices I managed to whittle it down to 4; tempeh, veggies in the Bali curry of the day, kimchee spring roll, and green veggies in kinako sauce.

This was all served with two sides of Sambal – incredibly spicy sauce to set your food on fire. If you can handle spice, you will love this.

Image of nasi campur with rice, tempeh, kimchee roll and green vegetables with samba
My choice for Nasi Campur. Rice with tempeh, kimchee roll, greens with kinako sauce, curry of the day and two sides of sambal

All of it was simply incredible. If I had to pick I would say the kimchee roll was my least favourite. It’s a tough choice between the other three for my most favourite. The tempeh was crunchy and delicious, and a large serving of it too.

The greens in kinako sauce were smooth and creamy. Tasty okara in miso sauce. I highly recommend this one. The curry of the day was also delicious. It all tasted incredibly healthy, and I’m sure it is.

The sambal was perhaps the best part. I am a huge lover of spicy food and I threw it all over my plate. Definitely not for the faint-hearted.


Warung Sopa have a large range of healthy hot and cold drinks. I chose a tumeric tea, for 15k rph. I quite enjoyed it, but it really is just turmeric and hot water. My friend tried it and basically choked it down.

Image of pot of turmeric tea, brown sugar and glass at warung sopa
Turmeric tea with brown sugar at Warung Sopa


Warung Sopa has a full fridge of vegan cakes. More than I’ve seen in other places, which are usually a mix of vegan and non-vegan options. Some of the options here were snakefruit apple pie and vegan mango cheesecake. All for a great price too – between 17k – 19k rph. (The raw cakes were slightly more expensive).

Image of fridge full of vegan cakes at warung sopa
Vegan Cakes: Vegan snake skin fruit pie, vegan lime pie, vegan coconut pie, vegan chocolate coconut pie and raw chocolate cakes too

Atmosphere + Wifi

Warung Sopa is a relaxed, laid-back cafe. It has an open store-front, plenty of seating options, and even a ‘kids corner’ for the little ones.

The wifi was reliable whilst I was here and I was also surprised to find a plug underneath my table. I was able to sit here and work into the evening, in an environment that was perfect for me.

Image of indoor seating, tables and chairs at Warung Sopa
Plenty of places to sit and enjoy a meal, or hang out with friends.

Final Thoughts

Far less pretentious than some of the other vegetarian/vegan cafes around Ubud, the food at Warung Sopa is cheaper and the quality is higher. Definitely a must-visit.


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