Warung Ting Ting Ubud

Image of Warung Ting Tine menu, ubud

Warung Ting Ting Ubud:

  • Vegetable Curry + Ginger Tea
  • Price: 28k + 12k (tax included)
  • Score: 4/10
  • February 11th, 2017

Warung Ting Ting was a stone’s throw away from where I was living in Penestanan, Ubud. It’s at the top of the alley leading off from Cafe Vespa. I came here a few times mostly for coffee but also sampled some of the food. 


Warung Ting Ting serve both meat and vegetarian/vegan options. Aside from breakfast, it’s mostly local Indonesian food they serve.

Although a little limited, there’s definitely some healthy looking options there.

I ordered a hot ginger tea and vegetable curry – ‘vegetables with carrot, potato, green bean, cauliflower and coconut milk with rice’.

Image of vegetable curry in a bowl with a plate of rice and glass of hot ginger tea at ting ting warung, ubud
Vegetable curry with rice, and a hot ginger tea with lime and honey on the side at Warung Ting Ting

It was only 28k rph, so I was intrigued to see how good the food would be. I found it a similar experience to the curry I ordered at Tj’s Warung, which was also very cheap. A fair amount of vegetables but pretty oily and watery. It wasn’t a thick curry as I’d hoped for.

Overall it was a cheap, simple meal that filled me up but I probably wouldn’t order again.

The ginger tea on the other hand was really good. It had loads of ginger in the bottom, was a big glass and also came with honey and lime on the side.

Image of hot ginger tea with lime and honey at ting ting ubud

Warung Ting Ting Ubud also has tasty-looking cakes, including a vegan chocolate cake sometimes. When I first came here for a coffee, I had the (non-vegan) chocolate cake. It was fairly cheap but also tasted really greasy. I’m guessing that’s coconut oil. I didn’t feel too great after eating it.

The banana cake, poppy seed and lemon cake all look pretty good though. Maybe I’ll try the vegan chocolate cake next time.


The atmosphere here is really what people come for. The warung is incredibly welcoming and homelike. It has seating on two storeys, but the nicer is definitely upstairs. There’s more light and more big tables with sofa seats and cushions around.

Image of tables and benches with cushions upstairs at warung ting ting, ubud
Cozy, inviting tables and benches in a laid-back atmosphere at Warung Ting Ting

The decor is incredibly sweet and invites you to sit and read a book for hours. That said, the music could do with a change – Celine Dion gets a little tedious after a while. If you’re planning on working here, I’d advise you to bring headphones!

Something to be aware of is that there’s a temple next door. This gives a lovely view from the second storey, but if there’s building work going on it’s really noisy and ruins the ambience.

Image of temple from ting ting balcony upstairs
The view of the temple next door from upstairs at Warung Ting Ting


The wifi has been fairly OK the few times I’ve been here. I wouldn’t make it my chosen place of work if I needed to do internet-intense tasks however.

Though I have found it a great place to work, that’s mostly because I would do my offline editing there. Perhaps this place is best left for reading a book or hanging out with friends, despite the comfortable seating and tables.

Final Thoughts

Warung Ting Ting Ubud has an enticing charm to it. It’s a cheap place to eat and a lovely environment to relax in. The food isn’t the best nor is the wifi, but if you’re in the area, it’s not a terrible place to chill out and have a coffee.

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