Yellow Flower Ubud

Image of Yellow Flower Cafe sign

Yellow Flower Ubud:

  • Mellow Yellow Smoothie Bowl + Rainbow Salad
  • Price: 55k + 37k (+10% tax)
  • Score 7/10
  • January 23rd, 2017

Yellow Flower is my favourite restaurant in Ubud that I’ve been to so far. Mainly because of the lovely setting and ambience, but the food is pretty good too. The menu is mostly vegetarian, with the option to add chicken to just one or two of the dishes, strangely.


In true Ubud spirit, I went for an oh-so-pretentious Smoothie Bowl. I think this is the first one I’ve ever had, despite the crazy instagram trend that happened last year. So here it is… The Mellow Yellow Smoothie Bowl, 55k.

Image of Mellow Yellow Smoothie Bowl with strawberries, granola, jack fruit, cashew nuts, coconut, tamarind and chia
Mellow Yellow Smoothie Bowl: turmeric, chia, banana, pineapple, sago, jackfruit, cashews, coconut, strawberries topped with crunchy granola

The Mellow Yellow Smoothie Bowl reads – turmeric, chia, banana, pineapple, sago, jackfruit, mango, ginger, cashews, and coconut, topped with crunchy granola and fruit. I think I had most of those in mine, minus the mango and ginger, but strawberries instead. I assume it’s whatever seasonal fruit they have available.

I’m beginning to realise I eat with my eyes. The smoothie bowl looked pretty small when it arrived and having my usual-ravenous appetite I thought I would, once again, be left hungry after.

Image of yellow mellow smoothie bowl with another empty bowl underneath
A smoothie bowl on top of an empty bowl

That was not the case at the Yellow Flower. The smoothie itself was pretty filling, add to that strawberries, coconut and jackfruit and it’s a pretty sweet option. I loved the granola and there was plenty of it.

Next up was the Rainbow Salad with abundant raw veg, sprouts, green kimchi with live dressing’ whilst my friend went for the Super Salad with organic salad greens, radish, tempeh, seeds, carrots, nuts, beans and kimchi.

Image of Rainbow salad and Super Salad with salad greens and a number of different toppings on each
Rainbow Salad (left) and Super Salad (right)

The Super Salad clearly has more to it, and if it’s only going to be a salad you’re eating I’d say go for that one. That said, both salads had a lot of flavour, and I particularly enjoyed the green kimchi.


Yellow Flower, located in Penestanan, away from the business of Ubud centre, sits atop some pretty demanding steps. But that means it has a beautiful view of lush greenery and treetops once you get there. Even during rainy season…

Image of table and yellow umbrella against backdrop of greenery at Yellow Flower Vegetarian cafe
The view from Yellow Flower Cafe

Wifi and Work

The cafe is one large bamboo hut with both tables and floor seating. During the day it gets really busy which gives it a nice, bustling yet chilled atmosphere. It does mean that you may end up sharing tables with new guests though as there isn’t all that much seating available.

Image of indoor table seats at Yellow Flower Cafe
Indoor table seats at Yellow Flower before it got busy

That also makes it not the best place to work. I stayed for a couple of hours whilst it was quieter in the morning. Around lunch time and early afternoon it was so busy I felt it was probably rude to sit and work on my laptop having already eaten my food.

That said, whilst I was working there were others doing the same, and plenty of people hanging out, reading, or chilling with friends. It seems to be a place people like to stay a while, and is definitely worth enjoying the atmosphere and view. The servers are friendly as in most places.
Whilst I was there the wifi was good. I was only doing basic stuff but I had no issues. The wifi is only available until 5.30pm though. Or at least that’s what it says in the menu: ‘Free wifi available until 5.30pm’. I was here in the evening at around 7pm and the wifi was still working but I did see one of the servers switch it off at around 8pm. I’m not really sure what the deal is with that.


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